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Installing a mod apk file version of your favourite game or program automatically downloads the entire version of that app in your device. In other words, these are the modified versions of the original software programs. This allows the users to enjoy the full features and benefits of their favorite programs on a lower version, free of cost. As these softwares are licensed, one can easily install them and use them.

These mod apks are available in two modes – one is for regular users and another one for enterprise users. In this case, it is clear that the mod apk format is different for enterprise users. For the ordinary user, the mod apk needs to be either downloaded as application (it is opened by double clicking) or installed via windows driver. The installation process of these softwares is relatively simple. It is necessary to have a device with Secure Digital or micro SD slot for these softwares to load properly.

In the past when these mods were not so popular, people faced difficulty in installing them as installation was a complex procedure. However, various changes have been made in this field and now the mod apks are very easy to install and execute without any technical support from the developers. It is advisable to use authentic apks rather than fake ones as they are sure to work with the latest android operating system. These softwares have a major disadvantage of spyware and virus infections. Therefore, it is recommended that one should always download mod apks from trusted websites only.

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