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Essay on "An Intelligent Man"

What kind of person in our society is called intelligent? I think, first of all, the one who is distinguished by a high culture of behavior. Such people, as a rule, are very polite and tactful in communication. They never interrupt the interlocutor, they speak softly but smoothly, they have an extensive vocabulary.

It follows from all this that true intellectuals, as a rule, are educated people. They do not just have a university degree, but really gravitate towards knowledge, and not only in their field, but also in the field of various sciences. Of course, you can pay someone to write my paper for writing brilliant essays.

Intelligent people read a lot, they visit museums and various master classes, watch scientific programs. They are often connoisseurs of art and have exquisite taste in clothes.

High intelligence is also one of the main signs of an intelligent person. Sharp mind allows such personalities to find unknown to others logical connections, to penetrate into the very essence of things. A well-developed memory makes it possible to operate well with quotations from the classics. Their ability to think broadly and independently makes them interesting interlocutors. You can buy essays for sale to avoid typical writing mistakes.

Intellectuals have always been a very narrow stratum. Even in countries with a high level of culture, there are not many really educated, intelligent, and polite people. But many try to pass themselves off as such, because being an intelligent person is very prestigious.

Having learned a few nice quotes, such deceivers try to impress others by making vague speeches without any specific meaning. They strive to socialize in intellectual circles, attend cultural events, but only pretend that they really understand and are interested. Friend, buy assignment to make your homework essay.

Yet their natural rudeness and lack of education often give them away. And from such people, of course, you should keep your distance, because they have nothing to do with true intellectuals.

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