Exipure Reviews - Fake or Real Customer Weight Loss Results?

Exipure Reviews - Fake or Real Customer Weight Loss Results?


Exipure is a 100% natural weight loss formula that guarantees substantial results. You can find and purchase it directly from the Exipure website.

For everyone sick and tired of using unnatural weight loss supplements that don’t yield any results - hold tight to hear all about this cutting-edge formula!

How does it work? Which ingredients it’s comprised of? 

In this review - we will guide you through every little detail you need to know and get you familiar with how to use it to your advantage and get the results you’ve been longing for.

What is Exipure?

This fantastic weight loss pill mainly targets the stomach area - helping you with losing your tummy fat. Although it's a relatively new fat burner supplement, launched in October 2021, it has already gained many satisfied customers with nothing but good words about it.

The manufacturers of Exipure claim they have discovered the main reason why we gain weight around the stomach and waist area. The brown adipose tissue (BAT), or commonly known as brown fat, is what causes the weight increase process. BAT’s initial function is to transform the food for body heat. However, people with a low amount of brown fat are more obese, and people with high levels are slimmer.

Due to the latest discovery - the producers decided to create Exipure, which targets the low brown adipose tissue levels and improves your weight management. This fat burner pill is a unique formula because it's the only one that consists of even eight tropical and organic ingredients.

The Exipure pill, which aims at the BAT, can help you lose calories up to 300 times faster and more efficiently than other fat burner supplements. Here, we present you all the details you need to know prior to buying it:




Short description:

Exipure, as a 100% natural and organic fat burner supplement, offers excellent weight loss results at a rapid pace. It's definitely safe and healthy with no side effects, and its exotic ingredients target the brown adipose tissue in order to break down stomach fat.



It arrives in the form of pills, easy and simple to take orally.



Jack Barrett

British Doctor James Wilkins



Exipure.com - the only place you can buy this product from.


Purpose: Exipure’s purpose is to target the low BAT levels in your body in order to naturally boost them with the exotic ingredients and, with that - to speed up the weight loss process.


Used Ingredients: Perilla leaves (herb similar to mint, very efficient)

Holy Basil (very useful plant for weight loss, even when used separately)

White Korean Ginseng (boosts your immune system)

Amur Cork Bark (known as a painkiller, helps reduce your stress)

Quercetin (natural plant antioxidant)

Oleuropein 200gr (found in many seeds, leaves, and argan oil)

Kudzu root (expels toxins out of your body)

Dosage: It is recommended to use it once a day in the morning for increased results. Drink the pill with six to eight ounces of water or some other beverage.

Features:100% natural and organic

Doesn’t include unhealthy ingredients

No artificial colors, antibiotics, or stimulants

Recommended for men and women over the age of 20

Can be efficient for people aged 60 or 70

Scientifically proven ingredients

Certified and proven to be useful for fast and efficient weight loss

You can exercise while using it, but it's not mandatory

Goes well with different types of diet plans or without them

Prescription not necessary

Made in the USA

Manufactured at a certified facility

FDA approved

You are eligible for a 6 month (180 days) full money refund


Advantages:Increasing the level of brown adipose tissue

Making the weight loss process more effective and fast

Boosting energy and slow metabolisms

Exotic ingredients which work overnight to burn fat cells


Side Effects:Exipure hasn’t faced any negative opinions or unsatisfied customers thus far

All ingredients are natural and healthy, so it’s not likely for side effects to occur


Results:According to some reviews and surveys, Exipure has proven itself to be efficient for approximately 234,205 people, including young adults and older people. The fat loss results are measured between 10 and 100 pounds.


Testing:Exipure is made in FDA inspected and certified facility with cGMP licensed standards

The pills are scientifically tested in labs and proven to be pure, healthy and quality made


Clients:Genuine TrustPilot ratings

You can find many recommendations from past and current users of this amazing pill on their official website Exipure.com


Costs:$59 per bottle (1). One bottle has a 30 day, one-month supply. The shipping fee is not included in the price

$49 per pouch (3). A 90 day, three month supply. Two free bonuses and the shipping are not included in the price, which makes it a total of $157

$39 per pouch (6). A 180 day, six month supply. Also, the shipping fees and the two bonuses are extra, so the overall cost is $234.

You will get a 180 day, six month money-back guarantee.


Scam Risks:

Be careful about the sites you want to purchase Exicure from.

The only available website where you can buy the formula is their Exipure.com website and no other

It’s a strictly online sold product and can’t be found in any stores or fat burner shops

Even sites like Amazon, Walmart, GNC, or CVS are risky and untrustworthy

Keep in mind that other websites don’t have money-back policies because they are deceptive

Some fake websites claim they sell the Exipure pills for meager prices, and that’s how people fall for these scams

Exipure may be a little expensive, but it offers you a certifiably natural formula and great quality, which fake websites don’t


Contact Info:

Email: contact@exipure.com

Phone (for citizens of the United States): 1-800-390-6035

Phone (International): 1-208-345-4245

There is VIP customer support for all users of Exipure, which is available at all times

Easy to apply for a money refund in the limitation period of 180 days


Where to find it?  Click here now


How Does Exipure Function?

The Exipure weight loss formula has eight amazing and exotic ingredients in its composition. They are the leading cause that trigger the BAT-brown adipose tissue. This tissue is associated with the obesifying problem many people struggle with. Various studies have proven that the BAT accelerates the weight-loss process 300 times faster than other fat cells.

The manufacturers of Exipure have a straightforward explanation of how the pill functions, and we quote them:


“Exipure is unlike anything you’ve ever tried or experienced in your life before. It is the only product in the world with a proprietary blend of 8 exotic nutrients and plants designed to target low brown adipose tissue (BAT) levels, the newfound root cause of your unexplained weight gain.”

By boosting your BAT levels, you can melt off the area around your stomach and waist, plus enlarge your energy levels. Also, you will surely notice visible results in a short period of time just by using Exipure.


Ingredients used in the Exipure formula

Exipure consists of eight natural ingredients, herbs, and plant seeds that improve your BAT levels, making it easier for you to lose weight. The producer affirms that the ingredients are clinically tested, and the product was certified prior to being released.

These noteworthy and healthy herbs are beneficial weight-loss ingredients. They also help in other areas, such as reducing stress levels, boosting your metabolism and immune system, and improving your mental health, among other perks.

But, not many people have heard of these unique ingredients and herbs, much less tried them. Those of you familiar with some of these elements are probably aware of the usefulness and advantages that come along with them.


According to their official Exipure website, here are all the ingredients used in the unique formula and everything significant you need to know about them and how they function:

Perilla: Perilla leaves, which can be found in China and India, are herbs similar to mint. They are beneficial regarding many diseases and conditions, both mental and psychical, including BAT boost, intoxication, and better digestion.

Holy Basil: It helps with lowering your blood sugar, increasing BAT levels, reducing stress, and supporting brain health. You can use it standalone without having to combine it with the fat burner supplement.

White Korean Ginseng: This ingredient which is also known as Panax Ginseng, is an exotic element that mainly boosts your BAT. Other advantages that come with it are improved immunity and reduced stress.


Amur Cork Bark: Another specific element in the formula, which also increases BAT levels. The amur cork bark tree also eases digestion and keeps the liver and heart perfectly healthy.

Quercetin: Quercetin is a plant pigment that plays a great role in the weight loss process. It has antioxidant effects and increases your BAT, among other advantages like anti-aging effects. Other than in Exipure, you can find it in many other fat supplements and formulas because of its association with weight loss.

Oleuropein: This ingredient plays a significant role in a so-called Mediterranean diet based on olive oil. Oleuropein is found in olive oil, and it’s proven to boost BAT, keep the cholesterol under control, support arteries, and last but not least - the heart.


Exipure Benefits and Advantages

There are many benefits and advantages that Exipure offers to their customers, and here are some of the most important ones:100% organic and natural, healthy ingredients

Plant-based and herb elements included

Pills are simple and easy for oral use

No stimulants in the formula

No GMO ingredients in the composition

Scientifically tested and certified weight loss product


What is the Maximum Weight Loss you can Achieve With Exipure?

Based on the information on Exipure’s official website, anyone can lose a remarkable amount of weight in just a short period of time. We will present to you some of the real customer references which we found on their website:


Lauren is a user of the Exipure pills and decided to share her experience about how she lost a staggering 35 lbs in the time she has been using it. She revealed that her energy levels took an upswing, and she feels fantastic and comfortable in her body after losing that much weight.

Another satisfied customer, Zach, lost 26 lbs while consuming Exipure. He feels more relaxed and happier now, without any stress, and content with the way his fat continues to burn.

Another woman, Cassie, claims that she has lost over 40 lbs shortly after drinking the pills. She successfully lowered her confection number by 4, and she encourages all of those who haven’t found their motivation yet to try it out and grab the opportunity to lose weight naturally.

However, Exipure manufacturers claim that you can burn up to 59 lbs by using the formula regularly. This means you need to make sure you take it once a day, not less - not more. That’s the only option for you to see any visible results in a short period of time.


What Does Brown Adipose Tissue Mean?

Brown Adipose Tissue, or BAT, is a special type of fat that transforms food into body heat and energy.

When the so-called brown fat burns, it generates heat, and during this process called thermogenesis, it also burns calories in your body. This type of fat is known as the good one because it keeps your body lean. Unlike the white fat, this type contains more mitochondria rich in iron, therefore - giving it the brown color.


Many researchers are trying to define whether the BAT is linked with diabetes, and so far, it has been proved that it keeps the blood sugar and insulin levels under control. Other studies show that BAT is helpful for obese people who are trying to lose weight.

It’s known for a fact that brown adipose tissue burns more calories than white - up to 300 times faster. The weight loss process becomes easier if you raise your BAT levels, while lower BAT means you have predispositions to obesity. Additionally, it’s useful for many other purposes, such as reducing stress and anxiety, improving mental health, and relaxing the mind and body of the consumer.


Exipure Scientific Support

Exipure, due to being a relatively new fat burner, hasn’t been through the testing process and clinical examination yet. But, given its specifically unique formula and exotic ingredients, we are optimistic that it will become scientifically proven shortly.

All of the ingredients in the fat burner formula are scientifically backed up and are proven to be healthy and good for your body with no unwanted side effects.

This particular study from 2004 thoroughly examined the brown adipose tissue and its functions in detail. The experts discovered that BAT transfers energy from food into heat, easing up the process of weight loss.


A caloric deficit is the most crucial thing to lose weight. This means that you need to burn more calories than what you consume. For that purpose, it's best to do some exercises or start a diet plan while using the Exipure pills for increased results. The BAT eases the job and maintains a caloric deficit.


Exipure manufacturers share with us that their formula increases the BAT levels in your body, therefore making losing weight simple and fast. But, it’s recommended that you also exercise in order to increase muscle mass which is proven to boost your BAT.


In the following 2004 study, it was proven that ginseng triggers the fat around the stomach and waist area - helping with obesity. The research was the following: A group of Korean women were taking ginseng for eight weeks. After the eight weeks were over, the women had lost a significant amount of weight and had improvements in gut health.


Another more recent study from 2017 shows that holy basil also affects the weight loss process, but not as great as ginseng. Holy basil has been used for many years for medical purposes, but recently it was discovered that it’s associated with weight loss. Researchers noticed visible results in people who have used holy basil.


Pricing and Costs

The main price for one bottle of Exipure is $59, according to the Exipure.com official website. The price is totally affordable, considering the benefits it provides, but if some of you can’t afford it - you can always pick some of the cheaper ones. When you buy three or six bottles, the price can get as low as $39 and $49.

Here are the initial prices and additional costs of every packaging there is:

One bottle costs $59 plus a shipping fee of $9.95. Two bonuses are included in the total price.

Three bottles cost $147 plus the $9.95 shipping fee. The two bonuses are also included in the total price.

Six bottles cost $234 with free shipping, and two bonuses included.


Every single bottle contains 30 capsules you should take every day. By using them daily, preferably in the morning, you are guaranteed to improve your chance of losing weight.

Exipure Bonuses

Exipure offers two types of bonuses for every three or six bottles you buy. The bonuses include:

Bonus #1: 1-Day Kickstart Detox: This bonus comes in an online book form. It consists of 20 unique, and for some of you, unknown detox recipes. These tea recipes can be made at home easily and quickly by anyone who wants to speed up the weight loss process even more. The Detox method is highly effective when you need to kickstart the process of losing weight. This online book will guide you to safely cleanse your body from all the toxins.

Bonus #2: Renew You: Unlike the previous, this online book focuses more on the mental health and mind of the consumer. It helps by strengthening your mental health while reducing stress levels and anxiety. Some of the methods will teach you how to boost your confidence and feel calmer, which is essential if you want to see results in your weight loss process.

Other Similar Exipure Products

After purchasing Exipure, you can get other similar products which include the unique Exipure Wellness Box and more bottles of Exipure at a discount and free shipping.

Here are more details about these products:

9 Discounted Bottles of Exipure with Free Shipping: Don’t miss the opportunity to buy 9 bottles at a discounted price. You will get them at an affordable price only after buying your first Exipure bottle.

Exipure Wellness Box: Everyone who liked the Exipure formula will definitely adore the amazing Exipure Wellness Box. It consists of five additional natural supplements which are good for extra weight loss. Exipure developers, backed by proof, state that by using the additional five supplements, you will increase the fat-burning process and can lose an additional 3lbs weekly. The price is $620, but definitely worth it.

What is the Meaning of the Exipure Wellness Box?

For everyone who tried the original Exipure weight loss supplement, the Exipure Wellness Box is highly recommended for boosting the weight-loss process even more. It has five great supplements which improve and boost your immunity and sleep. The supplements are the following:

MCT Oil Pure: MCT Oil Pure is a medium-chain triglyceride oil supplement that contains 2,000mg MCT per one serving. Based on the Exipure manufacturer’s claims, this mixture will help you lose weight from 5 to 10 times faster, and additionally - it suppresses your hunger and gives you a feeling of fullness.

Immunity Boost: This Exipure 1,200mg immunity formula contains 9 great ingredients which boost your immunity, just as its name says. The supplement mainly improves your immune system, among other advantages.

Biobalance Probiotics: The Exipure Biobalance Probiotics replace the bad bacterias in your body with good ones by working the MAKTrek 3-D Probiotic Delivery System. It’s very helpful and improves your digestion, especially when taken with other Exipure supplements for maximum results.

Ultra Collagen Complex: The Exipure Ultra Collagen Complex supplement comes in powder form. As some of you may know, collagen is good for repairing your skin. So, this supplement restores the lost collagen giving you a nice and youthful appearance. Collagen is considered the most plentiful protein in your body and has a great anti-aging function.

Deep Sleep 20: This is a sleeping aid that helps you fall asleep faster, therefore optimizing the amount of quality sleep you get. Research shows that lack of sleep can affect your weight loss process, so if you have trouble sleeping - we recommend you take the supplement half an hour before going to bed. It’s a natural supplement with ingredients like chamomile, goji, passionflower, lemon, etc.

Once again, Exipure guarantees that you will lose an extra 3lbs by using the Exipure Wellness Box in a week’s time.


Exipure Money Refund

It’s a good thing that Exipure offers its beloved users an amazing 180 day, six months, full money-back guarantee.

If you don’t see any visible results or just can’t lose enough weight in the period you have been using Exipure, you are eligible for a money refund. Just keep in mind that you won’t see any results after using it for a few days, so it's best to wait at least a month.

However, if you don’t get the wanted weight loss results even after that period, just contact the Exipure customer service within the allowed period, and you will get a 100% money refund.


About Exipure

Exipure is manufactured at a USA-based facility that is FDA-registered, and GMP certified. The 100% natural and organic formula was made by Dr. James Wilkins and his team. It was launched and promoted on the internet by Jack Barret.

Exipure’s team, along with Dr. Wilkins and Barrett’s contact info, are the following:

E-mail: contact@exipure.com

Phone (for United State): 1-800-390-6035

Phone (International): 1-208-345-4245



Exipure is a weight loss formula made of eight natural ingredients. You can only buy it online, exclusively from the official website - Exipure.com. This unique supplement triggers the brown adipose tissue (BAT) linked to weight loss, increasing and accelerating the process.

Many studies have proven that BAT burns 300 times as many calories as regular fat. Also, all of the ingredients included in the formula are useful and efficient for fast fat burning, easing up the process of weight loss.

We hope you’ve found everything you needed to know about Exipure before buying it. For any additional information, make sure to check their official website Exipure.com.


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