Essays on the Beautiful.

An essay on the beautiful.

This is an art essay that specializes in presenting European marine paintings and paintings by artists related to the coast. Since I am currently in school to learn how to write a website that writes essays
, I would like to share with you what I have already learned. I will also introduce you to artists from nineteenth-century Gdansk, as well as lesser-known artists from the Free City of Gdansk.
One of the main topics, however, is the presentation of artists from Sopot. Right after the war, the Sopot painting school was created by great artists: Artur Nacht-Samborski, Juliusz and Lada Studnicki, Jacek and Hanna Żuławski, Jozefa and Marian Wnukowski, Janusz Strzalecki, Piotr Piotrowski and Jan Zybis. It was here that the term "Sopot School" was introduced, a debate about which continues to this day. And as buy essay papers dilemma suggests, whether it was a current, a style, or simply the attitude of local artists toward ubiquitous socialist realism.

Much space is also given to current artistic developments on the coast.

Antoni Suchanek (1901 Rzeszow - 1982 Gdynia).
Antoni Suchanek was a realist, educated at a strong school of Krakow painting. He perfected his drawing technique and graphic skills. He studied at the studios of Jozef Mehoffer and Theodor Axentowicz, from whom he learned the skill of pastel. Like most of the outstanding artists of the Young Poland movement, he was also open to the then fashionable Viennese and Munich schools of painting. After his marriage in 1924, Suchanek settled in Bydgoszcz, where his previous experience was complemented by his acquaintance with Leon Wychulkowski, who lived in nearby Goceradzie. This acquaintance completely shaped his skills and had the greatest influence on his painting. It was also the time of trips to the sea, which became the main subject of his works. Before the war, the artist exhibited several times at the National Art Gallery in Zacheta, was a member of the Maritime and Colonial League and actively participated in the Maritime Section of the Polish Art Society. Importantly, and by then he was already living in Warsaw, from where he was sent to Auschwitz during the war for his association with the Defense Army headquarters. After the war, the artist settled in Orlov. Together with Marian Mokwa, Franciszek Szwoch, Stanislaw Rolich and Eugeniusz Dzierżęcki they founded the Group of Polish Marine Artists in Gdynia. On the coast his talent blossomed, he painted a lot, especially the sea and his favorite motif of the crashing sea wave during a storm. He also enjoyed painting portraits and flowers, but he never sought new ways of artistic expression or experimented. Until the end of his days he remained faithful to the firm school of Krakow painting. The work is the property of Andrzej Walas, a collector from Gdańsk.

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