Netflix, Amazon and Disney Plus have plenty to offer!

One of the best things about the holiday season is getting the opportunity to snuggle up on the sofa with a blanket, some mince pies and a festive film on the TV. But if you've already watched the classics a hundred times and are looking for something fresh to enjoy, then we've got your back!

Whether it's a modern Christmas movie to get you in the holiday spirit, or a new flick that offers comedy and cheese in one – check out our ultimate guide of what you should be watching over the next few weeks...

During the pandemic, watching movies is a favorite choice for many people to spend their time. If you are getting bored with the romantic genre and predictable storylines, you can watch the best films of this year.

Watching movies is sometimes an option for some people.

Of course the reasons vary according to the needs of each person.

In this digital era, there are many conveniences, especially for big screen movie lovers.

This convenience is proven by not having to come to the cinema to just watch your favorite movie, for example.

But you just have to sit back and open your gadget, then all the services according to your needs are available on it, including the movie site you want to search for.

The following is a list of watching movies online for free. Read more below and enjoy your free time with the best films of the year:

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Besides being able to be watched streaming, the collection of films above can be downloaded for later viewing, both on cellphones and television.

Love Hard
Let's start off with a new one – this cheesy flick on Netflix will leave you feeling joyous in an instant. It stars Nina Dobrev as the lead, so you won’t be short on humour, who meets a handsome stranger on a dating app.

After deciding to go and surprise him for the holidays, she gets her own surprise – and her dream man is not who he says he is…

Happiness Ever After
This feel-good movie is a follow-up to Happiness is a Four-Letter Word and follows four friends as they go on a journey of self-discovery and re-evaluation – dealing with everything that life throws at them together. The perfect watch for a pick-me-up.

Single All the Way
This is going straight to the top of our list. Single All the Way follows Peter, who convinces his best friend Nick to go with him to his family festivities so they'll stop pestering him about his dating life. But during his trip home he begins to look at his bestie in a different light.

A Castle for Christmas
Netflix continues its streak in bringing the cheesiest, feel-good festive films and A Castle for Christmas is no different. The movie stars Brooke Shields as an author who heads to Scotland in the hope of buying her own castle but soon butts heads with the owner. Is predictable? Yes. Will be watch it more times than we care to admit? Also yes.

Jungle Cruise
If you missed one of Disney's biggest releases this year in cinemas – then fear not because Disney+ has you sorted when it comes to Jungle Cruise. Emily Blunt, The Rock and quick one-liners – need we say more?

West Side Story
Steven Spielberg's remake of a classic is set to go down a storm. The classic story will see Rachel Zegler and Ansel Elgort as Maria and Tony respectively and will no doubt be released onto streaming giants – but we can't help but think this one needs to be seen in a cinema!

Fresh off the back of Moana, In the Heights and Tick, Tick… Boom!, Lin-Manuel Miranda strikes again with his musical talent for Disney's upcoming animated hit, Encanto. The whole family will love sitting together and enjoying this magical new movie.

The Colour Room
Phoebe Dynevor of Bridgerton fame is making her feature film debut in this movie alongside Matthew Goode and David Morrissey. Phoebe plays the lead role of ceramic artist Clarice Cliff, who was famed in the 1920s and 1930s for her work. This sounds like the perfect film to put on in front of the fire.

Grumpy Christmas
Grumpy Christmas is already generating a lot of chat and we can see why. Grumpy Grandpa, also known as Don Servando, returns in the follow-up to The Patriarch where he heads to the beach to spend the holidays with his family.

But when his position in the family is questioned, he faces no choice but to give people some home truths – even if it means ruining Christmas.

Grumpy Christmas – available on Netflix from 21 December.

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