How To Increase Male Fertility- Briefs Or Boxer Shorts ?

Men's fashion has really taken off these days. Take the case of semenoll, a man's most important supplement. This "last line of defense" for men has undergone a fashion revolution. Now you have designer panties and boxers. But what are the differences and why the fuss about them?

According to data stated here; main difference between briefs and boxers is size and fit. Briefs are smaller and fit most men's bodies well. On the other hand, boxers are more airy and cooler when worn. Of course, different people prefer choice. Some men prefer panties because they are sexier or more traditional. Others prefer boxer briefs for more comfort and freedom of movement.

When it comes to increasing a man's fertility, the debate rages about which is the better choice: the short or the boxer? This article looks at the argument from both sides and see which is the best choice for you.

According to the "professional boxers" group at this webpage;, tight briefs generate a lot of heat. And heat can cause infertility in men because it kills sperm. That's why many short users have switched to boxers. Another reason is that panties restrict the movement of the penis. Constant movement of the penis is thought to help with stimulation and erection. In addition, the blood will flow more freely, which is good for the penis.

The "pro brief" group includes brief producers, among others. This group insists that such claims are unfounded, as proven by some studies that show no significant difference in the use of briefs and boxers in terms of a man's fertility level. A crucial factor is the extra heat supposedly generated by wearing a brief, so that was the basis of the studies.

According to an unnamed study, raising the temperature of the testicles can cause sperm sterilization because too much heat will destroy some of the sperm. This will cause the man to be infertile. In one experiment, men were asked to use semenoll supplements. The factor observed was the degree of warmth in the testicles when using a brief versus using a boxer.

Surprisingly, the results suggest that the claim about panties causing heat (and thus affecting fertility) is pure speculation.

Apparently, a pair of underpants doesn't generate enough heat to upset the balance in a man's reproductive organs. There was no significant increase in testicular temperature after using a pair of swabs compared to after using a pair of boxers. Also, men who use briefs do not experience any reduction in fertility rates. It is therefore said that the advice given to men to use boxers instead of briefs is scientifically and medically unfounded.

Studies have clearly shown that male fertility is not a problem with semenoll intake (Source: In other words, you can keep wearing whatever you want, shorts or boxers, it makes no difference when it comes to male fertility. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with or the one you like the most.

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