What are the Most Friendly ESA Dog Breeds?

Dogs are the friendliest beings in this world. Having a dog as a pet in itself is the most amazing feeling in this world. Dogs are the most wonderful animals because they are very friendly, passionate, affectionate, loving, loyal, and great companions. Emotional Support Animals help emotionally or mentally unstable people with their presence in doing their daily tasks.

A medical practitioner or a medical health specialist can give an animal an emotional support animal letter based on the fact that the patient they are treating is not in emotional distress near those animals and doing their normal tasks without any problem. Otherwise, these patients are emotionally and mentally distressed, but when they see their dogs or any other animal, they feel calm, loved and feel that they can overcome any problem with their pet at their sides.

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If you're looking for a furry companion to provide emotional support, you want a dog that's not only friendly but also has the temperament and intelligence to be a great ESA. That's why it's important to choose the right breed, and realesaletter can help you get started. Our Emotional Support Animal Letter certification provides you with the legal right to keep your ESA with you at all times, including in no-pet housing, and when flying.

When it comes to friendly ESA dog breeds, some stand out. Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Beagles are well known for their friendly and loyal nature. They are excellent with children, making them the perfect choice for a family ESA. Other dog breeds that are great for emotional support include Poodles, Boxers, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. All of these breeds are highly intelligent, loving, and eager to please their owners.

If you're unsure which breed to choose or need help getting an Emotional Support Animal Letter certification, Realesaletter is here to assist you every step of the way. We offer a quick and easy online application process, and our team of licensed mental health professionals will review your application and provide you with the certification you need. Contact real esa letter today to get started on your journey to finding the perfect ESA dog breed.

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Being friendly is one of the main characteristics of an esa dog. Following are some of the friendliest dogs that are great Emotional Support Animals.

Golden Retriever

The friendliest dog is known to be a golden retriever. When they interact with people and other animals, golden retrievers frequently radiate friendliness. Golden retrievers are clever, trainable, kind, and loyal dogs who excel at the duties they are given. They can assist people with disabilities and people who are visually impaired and can even act as therapy dogs. Not only that, but golden retrievers are the cutest dogs ever.

Golden retrievers are very active, which makes them amazing exercise and walking partners. They help their owners stay motivated and encourage them to exercise, which can improve their physical and mental health. They are very social, which can improve the social skills of their owners and make them less introverted. Apart from this, their friendly and loyal nature makes them very affectionate towards their owners and act as a perfect example for emotional support animals. They are also very strong and can carry heavy objects for their owners.

Boston Terrier

Another breed of dog that is extremely friendly is the Boston terrier. These dogs are very friendly, which in turn makes them very adaptable. They have extremely low sensitivity levels and can tolerate any weather change, which makes them very adaptable. They are very loyal and are amazing with kids, so they are considered one of the best family dogs. As they are easily adaptable, they are very budget-friendly and financially friendly. Despite their tiny size, Boston Terriers are strong and muscular. Because of the Boston terrier’s tiny stature and active, loving personality, they are excellent family pets and companions. They adore youngsters and delight people of all ages with their antics and distinct, endearing expressions. They make excellent companions for the elderly. They are small in size, so they can be easily kept by people living in small apartments.

Irish Setters

Irish setters are also very friendly and carefree dogs. Their sassy demeanors that many dog lovers find desirable. They are very lively and athletic too, which makes them really good emotional support animals. They are vivacious, clever, and full of mischief and can instantly lift your mood by their energetic nature. This can help you a lot mentally and improve your mental health by making you extremely happy. They have a lot of stamina too and can encourage you with their active nature.


Beagles are inherently sympathetic, energetic, and hardworking dogs. Their friendly and emphatic nature makes them really good emotional support animals. As they are very empathetic, they are always emotionally there to support their owners. They are amazing with children and can teach them to be confident and emphatic by their nature. Beagles are particularly good-natured and calm with children. They need a lot of activity, which appears to be counterintuitive.

However, Beagles like being outside and are excellent companion animals for anyone seeking adventure. This can really improve your mental and physical health and make you active. They will help you with all their might and will not leave your side. They also have an amazing sense of smell and can smell danger from anywhere, which can protect their owners. As they crave attention a lot, they give extreme love to their owners and are very loving. They also take care of their owners.


Another breed of dog which is very friendly and requires a lot of attention is Boxers. These loving dogs like to be sociable, and the more good attention you give them, the more positive attention they will return. They are energetic, have high energy, and are extremely playful. Boxer is a lovely mix of grace and power. They are powerful and active. They are trustworthy and excellent assets to any household with early socialization and solid guidance. They are very attentive and can go to extreme measures to protect their owners.

All the above-mentioned dogs are great to live with as they are loving and very friendly. Your neighbors and roommates will probably fall in love with them as well, due to their affection and personalities. However, some buildings do not allow pets, so it is necessary to get an esa letter for housing so you can easily live with your pet without any hassle. We should learn from these dogs and be friendly and loving towards other humans to live in a world where everyone is kind to each other. Do love your dog as much as they love you. 


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