Azure AZ900: Understanding Azure Security Center

Azure AZ900 is not just a certification; it's a key that unlocks the potential of Azure's cloud ecosystem. With a solid foundation in cloud computing concepts, Azure services, security, and pricing, individuals are equipped to harness the power of Azure and drive innovation across industries. As cloud computing continues to reshape the business landscape, Azure AZ900 paves the way for organizations and professionals to embrace the future with confidence, agility, and boundless possibilities.
Chapter 7: Azure Management Tools
Efficiently managing Azure resources is essential for maintaining optimal performance and scalability. Azure AZ900 covers various management tools that enable administrators to monitor, troubleshoot, and automate theirAzure AZ900 deployments. From Azure Monitor and Azure Advisor to Azure Automation and Azure Resource Manager, we will explore these tools and their functionalities in detail.
Chapter 8: Azure Governance and Compliance
Azure AZ900 also focuses on governance and compliance, ensuring that organizations adhere to regulatory standards and maintain control over their Azure resources. In this chapter, we will discuss Azure policies, resource locks, Is AZ900 Hard and role-based access control (RBAC), providing you with the knowledge necessary to enforce compliance and governance measures effectively.

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