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Cenforce 100 (sildenafil) is an antidepressant medicine that is used to treat erectile dysfunction or impotency. It comes in a variety of strengths. The FDA (Food and Medication Administration) has approved this sort of drug, which helps men obtain and maintain a firm erection for lengthy periods of time. The medicine, however, may cause negative effects, especially when taken in excessive dosages.
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When men take the Cenforce 100 tablet and engage in foreplay, Sildenafil Citrate is released into the bloodstream. With the tiniest amount of sexual excitation, sildenafil will begin dilation of the blood vessels in the prostate gland. By increasing the manufacture of the cGMP enzyme, it tries to unclog obstacles that restrict blood from getting to the penis and improve blood circulation. If this is low, sildenafil also relaxes the smooth and spongy pelvic organ muscles.
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