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vidalista 20 is a common drug treatment mainly used to treat male sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction (ED) commonly caused by impotence. The drug contains 20mg of Sildenafil citrate elements which increase blood flow in the penile area and help a man to have and maintain an erection long enough for sex. The drug also enhances blood flow into other parts of the body and provides a powerful erection to sustain for a longer duration. This prolongs the sex act and also makes the orgasms more intense.
Vidalista 20 pills can be taken regularly without any prescription from a qualified health practitioner and it comes in an easy-to-swallow tablet. You can buy it online in the form of a spray or capsule and can simply take it orally anytime. It should not be mixed with any other herbal supplement and should not be taken in isolation. Vidalista 20 pills must be used along with the treatment routine of other medicines such as Viagra or Levitra to ensure positive and long-term effects. Consult your doctor first before taking this supplement to avoid sudden allergic reactions which may prove fatal in some cases. If you are on other forms of medication, it is advisable to ask your doctor if Vidalista 20 pills are safe for you to use at home.
One of the most important guidelines while using Vidalista is to maintain proper health conditions. While consuming this medicine, one should not consume more than 20mg in a day. You can consult your doctor for this if required. This medicine should not be consumed if you suffer from any kind of heart disease, liver disease, or kidney-related disease as it may cause severe damages. If you are pregnant or expecting, you should avoid using Vidalista as it may lead to miscarriage or birth

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