Zaxtra Review 2021:⚠️Warning⚠️ Read Before You Buy!


Zaxtra is the first to market an all-in-one digital marketplace suite, that allows you to immediately start selling any digital product you have, or have rights to sell. And if you don't have own products, then simply choose from the built-in white-label software library and instantly start selling them as your own. Connect your payment processors and decide if you want to charge a one-time or recurring price.

Zaxtra Review


The first part of making money online is to understand that you only need to do TWO things, find a product to sell & sell the product to people. Finding and creating a product can be really difficult and expensive. Let’s say you are not a software developer and you want to sell software online. Isn’t reselling someone else's software the easiest way to do it? Yes it is! Working with resellers is not a guaranteed way to sell your software if it is not selling well already. When you buy this all in one software you ca be sure that you get top selling products that you can resell and rebrand with your own name.

It is possible to build a business selling software, even if you don't develop software yourself, by using software resell rights. With Zaxtra you don't need to develop your own software. Everything is done for you. And the cherry on the cake is that you also get Whitelabel Rights included in the price. This is one of the easiest ways to start making money online. Plus, you can also rebrand and resell Zaxtra software itself. Do you think it's possible to build a profitable online business from scratch in less than 7 days & start getting profit without creating a single product & without having any budget? Try Zaxtra today and you won't regret it.


[+] Add Products  Add any digital product you have and start selling it instantly, be it software, eBooks, pdfs, images, templates, anything.

[+] White-label Library Don't have a product? No problem! Choose from the white-label library of premium, hand-picked software products and start selling them as your own. You can even rebrand them fully. You get up to 10 whitelabel apps: Everzippy White Label, Page Builder White Label, Cloak Page White Label, AppZapp White Label, VidMock White Label, ZappDesk White Label, Vidmailz White Label, PopZapp White Label, Coachzippy White Label, Xfunnels Reloaded White Label.

[+] Collect Payments Connect Stripe with few easy clicks and you're ready to get paid handsomely for your awesome products.

[+] Use Smart Checkout Links To Receive Payments Zaxtra gives you everything you need to make the best use of smart checkout links & accept payments faster & smarter on your website with no third party dependency.

[+] Manage Subscriptions They've built one of the simplest tools to integrate into your current system.

[+] Customizable Sales Pages Fully modify your sales pages and adapt them to suit your products' pitch perfectly.

[+] Track Sales Always be on top of how your sales figures are performing. Get instant and deep insights right in your dashboard.

[+] Fully Functional And Customizable Business Websites For Any Niche Creating fully functional business websites just got faster & easier. All you need to do is simply choose a template & edit it in few taps to build a high converting business websites that resonates with your audience.

[+] Fully Functional Blog Create your own blog within Zaxtra and build even more authority in the marketplace. Add and modify articles anytime.

[+] Custom Navigation Create your very own navigation menu for your website within Zaxtra and give your site visitors a smooth navigational experience.

[+] User Management Create users account and easily manage them from the whitelabel panel.

[+] Billing & Invoices Track your billing and create invoices from the dashboard.

[+] Intuitive Central Dashboard Manage everything like a pro with Zaxtra easy to use dashboard. Sell products, track sales, build websites, manage subscriptions & do almost anything you need to stand neck-to-neck with your competitors.

[+] Use Push Notifications To Catch Audience Attention When They’re Most Engaged Push notifications don’t need an introduction. Just place them on your website at an area that gets most traction, & be ready to see more visitors being converted into lifetime happy buyers.

[+] Developer API Zaxtra has a reliable delivery system which works with webhooks and can be integrated with any third party app using its API.



  •  Step1: Settings Inside settings you can manage your profile, change password, generate API keys. View the documentation for full instructions. You can connect your Stripe account, and customize SMPT settings.

  •  Step2: Add products You have 2 options. You can use the library if you don’t have a product, or you can add your own custom products. Enter title, and description. You can sell a downloadable product or a software as a service. You can upload a logo. Enter the product URL and the webhook URL. Add to the dashboard all the products you want to sell.

  •  Step3: Sell Access the seller dashboard. Every product has a seller dashboard. You can add your custom domain, you also have a unique subdomain and you can customize your pages. Customize text content, call to actions, images, language, and much more. You can create custom pages, manage navigations and posts for the blog. So you can set up a professional sales page and a blog. Customize payment plans, and start selling!


FRONTEND: Zaxtra Silver $47- Gold $97 - Bundle $297 The SILVER features 1 white-label app, 5 Products Limit, 5GB File Storage Limit, 5 Custom Domain, 1000 Users Limit. The GOLD features 5 white-label apps, 10 Products Limit, 10GB file storage, 10 custom domains, 5000 Users Limit. The BUNDLE will have FE (Gold), OTO1 (Pro), and OTO2 (Academy) 10 white-label apps, Unlimited products, 200GB file storage, Unlimited custom domains, Ready API, Unlimited monthly views, Unlimited customers, Unlimited custom pages.
Use Coupon Code zaxtravip and Get $10 OFF on FE at the Check Out.
Use Coupon Code xxx and Get $20 OFF on Bundle at the Check Out.
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UPSELL1: Zaxtra Pro Lite $97- Pro $197 The PRO LITE includes +3 white-label apps, Unlimited products, 100GB file storage, unlimited custom domains, Ready API, unlimited monthly views, unlimited customers. The PRO includes +5 white-label apps, and everything above in Pro Lite and in Gold.
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UPSELL2: Zaxtra Academy $197 Zaxtra Exclusive Academy - VIP Access give you access to the special training created by them. It shows you step by step how you can use Zaxtra to create your own Software and Digital products business.
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UPSELL3: Zaxtra Apps Club $97- $197 2 exclusive white-label apps (FireList and HQ Webinar) that no other level has. 12 white-label apps, Unlimited products, 200GB file storage, Unlimited custom domains, Ready API, Unlimited monthly views, Unlimited customers, Unlimited custom pages.PLUS Cart abandonment feature, Dunning, Live chat support, VIP Group access, App customization option (service).
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If you want to make money online and start your own business reselling digital products, this offer is not to be missed. For a limited time you get 5, 10, or 12 white label apps for the price of one, depending on the plan you choose, and you can immediately start reselling them for a one time price, monthly price or yearly price. These are proven software applications, and instead of paying for each one you get a package deal. If you want to sell software online, with this bundle you don’t have to create your own product, you just need to promote these software and you keep the profit plus you can create your own brand for each app. If you already have software to resell, Zaxtra helps you build your pages, manage customers, billing, and the delivery of the products. You get multiple business opportunities without touching a single line of code for a one time low price. That's why I integrate this Zaxtra review with a huge list of high quality bonuses that you can download instantly in your member area…

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