MIB is not some Emergency button that you pay $$$$$ monthly for.
IT is not one of the Medical ID Bracelets either.
MIB is a personal Medical Records Storage Device You Wear.

Drawing will be for a Medical Information Buddy (MIB) a state of the art device that could save the life of you, a Family Member or a Friend. MIB was designed to allow access to all your medical records it carries. Full read of your medical records so Doctors have the information right at their fingertips no misdiagnoses, no incorrect medication, not repeat of procedures. That you might have to pay for! MIB CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE with all the Medical records you and your Doctors have loaded on it
It is great for Elderly, People with chronic illness, Alzheimer's, Veterans with PTSD, handicapped people, Public servants Police person, Fire person even Active Military. It is a must have for preparers, and people that live in areas of Natural Disasters.
Read all the information on our web site WWW.MedicalInformationBuddy.com

This promotion has ended.

The winners will be announced soon.

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