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Green Fast Keto The keto diet itself is backed by significant weight loss results in multiple settings. In this 2021 study, however, researchers specifically analyzed the effectiveness of the keto diet with and without exogenous ketone salts (like the ingredients found in Green Fast Keto). Participants followed a low-calorie keto diet over a 6 week period with and without exogenous ketone salts. After 6 weeks, researchers found that there were no group differences between the ketone and non-ketone group, although both groups lost a significant amount of weight while following the keto diet.

BHB ketone supplements are more popular than ever, and many people take BHB ketones daily to force their body to remain in ketosis as long as possible. In this 2017 study, researchers found that exogenous ketone supplements did raise ketone levels in the bloodstream. However, it was unclear if those higher ketone levels led to greater weight loss.

The makers of Green Fast Keto disclose the full list of ingredients and dosages upfront. Although some of the dosages seem unusual (like 50mg of zinc, more than 5x the daily recommended amount for most people), other doses seem average compared to other keto diet pills.The makers of Green Fast Keto are confident anyone can lose a significant amount of weight in a short period when taking their supplement. Some of the advertised weight loss claims made on include

You can lose up to 5lbs your first week of taking Green Fast Keto, and then lose another 20lbs during your first month of taking the supplement One woman claims she “cried” after losing her first 10lbs while taking Green Fast Keto Another woman claims to have lost 20lbs in 30 days while taking Green Fast Keto

One reviewer claims he dropped from 26% to 16% body fat in 4 months while taking Green Fast Keto According to the manufacturer of Green Fast Keto, you can lose weight without dieting, exercising, following the keto diet, fasting, or exerting much effort whatsoever; the diet pill offers easy, hassle-free weight loss virtually overnight ►►Click Here To Buy Green Fast Keto For Official Website Now ◄◄

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