New Facebook Application " Fouad whatsapp" Already On The Market

Many people have accused Fouad Whatsapp of "dressing up" his Facebook page, and this is because he offers a rather gaudy, inappropriate and over the top layout. However, when I initially investigated this account I noticed that he had some rather striking media files on it which were of very high quality and looked extremely professional. Although his profile did not list anything about being a "writer" or anything along those lines, yet when I searched the name "Fouad whatsapp" in Google images he was displayed at the top of the results page along with his actual photo (which by the way looks quite nice). So it appears to me that this is not so much an attempt at marketing his Facebook page as it is simply an attempt by him to make himself look a little more "professional" and "stylish". In my opinion this is probably a good strategy for any self-respecting modders (even myself), because if you don't have any media files on your profile then other users will assume you are trying to market yourself as an expert in some field, and therefore your profile will be ignored.

Another point I'd like to raise with the user community is the issue of modifications to Facebook applications such as the messaging apps. Fouad has created a number of modifications to both his profile and the messaging app, which clearly shows he is a fan of this type of media and possibly would be inclined to create similar customizations for other applications. However, I would like to point out that while his application "phalt" is clearly based on the Facebook application he also includes a modified version of the very same page. In effect, the two apps are actually the same and the difference lies solely in their appearance; this is just one more example of Facebook trying to find a way to differentiate itself from competitors.

In my opinion it would appear that the reason Facebook is allowing " Fouad whatsapp" to exist on its platform is in an effort to avoid the "clash of culture" which could potentially occur if Google Mobile was to introduce a similar feature. However, in my opinion this should not be a problem as mobile devices have increased in functionality and popularity so much that manufacturers can no longer afford to ignore them. If Google wants to introduce a feature that allows you to send messages to people without saving their details in the user's account, all it needs to do is write a new application and create a unique folder called " exporting folder ". If Google can figure out how to integrate the functionality of whatsapp with its existing Android software then I'm pretty sure that a new android version of this app will quickly follow.

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