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Vital Life CBD Cubes Reviews: You can buy Vital Life CBD Cubes by filling out a form and selecting a favorable offer online. Read price, side effects & where to buy. For some time now, many have seen CBD (cannabidiol) as a beacon of hope in the field of herbal medicines. Gone are the days when CBD was associated with the intoxicating hemp plant. In fact, the active ingredient has no psychoactive effects and can also be obtained legally. That is why more and more patients rely on the healing power of the hemp plant. How CBD is taken is more or less a matter of taste. If you don’t know what to do with oil, you can try the Vital Life CBD Cubes .


The Vital Life CBD Cubes are an alternative to vape liquids or drops that are vaporized or taken sublingually. They have the advantage that they are easy to dose and at the same time taste deliciously fruity.

But in which cases should you use such a CBD product? In no case does supplementation with cannabidiol replace a visit to the doctor. The herbal active ingredient has a proven effect - how far this goes is still unclear. Nevertheless, the study situation suggests that CBD can alleviate a variety of complaints.

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The Vital Life CBD Cubes are very often used to treat chronic pain. In this regard, there are very many reports from patients who report relief. It is all the more astonishing that so far not many scientific studies have backed this up. Even so, research on people with spasticity and multiple sclerosis has shown that supplementation with CBD can be effective.

Smoking cessation (quitting smoking)

The Vital Life CBD Cubes are often used successfully by patients to quit smoking.

Anxiety disorders

The illegal cannabis is often smoked to achieve a calming state in which we can just relax. Responsible for this is not the illegal THC of the hemp plant, but the legal CBD! A study with 72 anxiety patients showed that the active ingredient has the potential to quickly reduce anxiety by up to 80%. According to another study, people with fear of speech could also benefit from supplementation.

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Epileptic seizures

Anyone suffering from epileptic seizures may benefit from the effects of the Vital Life CBD Cubes . A meta-analysis of 6 studies has shown that the seizure rate can be reduced by up to 50%. In comparison to traditional drugs, the low side effect profile should also be taken into account. Even after long use, no habituation effect was found. This means that the patients were able to permanently alleviate their symptoms.

Mode of action

The human body has various receptor systems to which certain substances can dock. When this happens, a certain signal is given to the body. The caffeine contained in the coffee docks z. B. at the same receptors as adenosine - a messenger substance that makes us sleepy. That’s why coffee wakes you up. Cannabidiol is also a substance that can send signals in the body when it reaches the so-called “endocannabinoid system”. Its job is to regulate various conditions - from relaxation to inflammation. If you suffer from certain chronic diseases, the “ECS” may be out of balance. Vital Life CBD Cubes can help restore balance.

Specifically, this means:

The body is told that anti-inflammatory substances need to be released because the body suffers from inflammation. This is particularly interesting for people who have lost mobility due to inflammatory processes.

We are gently signaled when it is time to let go and stop tensing up with fear. As a result, we can cope with everyday life more easily.

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Like any other fruit gum, the product is made up of colors, flavors and sugar. The colorants give the fruit gums their cheerful color - here either synthetic or natural substances can be used. It is the same with the flavors. But don’t worry: all ingredients used are certified and approved in Germany. This also applies to the sweeteners used, which round off the fruity taste. Of course, a gelling agent is also used. This is usually beef or pork gelatin. But plant-based gelling agents such as agar-agar may also have been processed.

Buy high-dose Vital Life CBD Cubes

What is certain is that the Vital Life CBD Cubes differ from normal gummy bears by one ingredient: cannabidiol (CBD). This is a high dose of 450 mg. Because of this, the product must be kept out of the reach of children! Side effects are generally minor, but the fruit gums should still be reserved for medicinal use.

Application, ingestion and dosage

Compared to CBD oil, fruit gums have a somewhat delayed onset of action. To ensure absorption in the digestive tract, it is best to take the candy half an hour before eating. It’s not that eating the product on a full stomach is a bad idea. In this case, however, the CBD reaches its full effect much more slowly. This may also be desirable if, for. B. a long spread over the day effective force is desired.

Since CBD is not addictive and usually has no side effects worth mentioning, long-term use is also conceivable. However, no general statements can be made about the dosage. This is because each symptom requires a different amount of cannabidiol. Body weight also plays a role. The higher this is, the more you have to dose! It is therefore advisable to buy several cans of Vital Life CBD Cubes at the same time in order to be able to experiment a little. It is a good idea to start with a fruit gum and then slowly increase until you have the desired effect.

Since every patient has different complaints, those affected are encouraged to determine the optimal time to take it themselves. In the case of chronic illnesses, however, it is advisable to reach into the pack in the morning and / or before going to bed. If you only need relief from time to time, you can also simply consume the Vital Life CBD Cube when needed.

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