Win an Amazing Adult Coloring Book Featuring Illustrations by Shantell Martin.

Shantell Martin is a New York based illustrator originally from the UK, who graces “whatever she can get her hands on” with her stream-of-consciousness style.

Her latest creation, a 9 FOOT LONG fold out book and adult coloring book WAVE: A Journey Through the Sea of Imagination for the Adventurous Colorist hits stores on May 17th. Win a copy by entering this contest! The winner will be announced on May 27th.

Like her non-stop fashion collaborations with the likes of Suno, Airwalk, and Kelly Wearstler, and in a world full of coloring books, only WAVE can boast Martin's extraordinary black-and-white work in an unfolding nine-foot panel. The book is an ever-changing single, whimsical illustration.

This promotion has ended.

The winner will be announced soon.

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