LeadBuster Review - Really Works Or Waste Of Money? Honest Opinion

Introduction: LeadBuster Review

Hey, I’m G Pall and welcome to my LeadBuster Review.

LeadBuster Review
LeadBuster Review

Are you getting good results from your list?
No one can deny that email marketing generates a 4,2 percent ROI, but not every method does.
It is a reality that finding a sure-fire way to enter the game is difficult.

To make it easier, Dean Gilmore, Simon Warner and VideoREMIX team has come with a new software – LeadBuster that was released on 13th December, 11 EST on the JVZoo marketplace.

In my LeadBuster Review, I am going to reveal every aspect “What it is, the pricing, the oto’s, the demo video, and my bonuses.” As well as my honest opinion “whether you should buy it or not so that you do not waste your money.

So before taking any action on LeadBuster, you need to continue reading to know all the insider details about it.

Table of Content: LeadBuster Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview: LeadBuster Review
  3. What is LeadBuster?
  4. The Creator of LeadBuster
  5. What We’ll Get Inside LeadBuster?
  6. How Does LeadBuster Work?
  7. DEMO Of LeadBuster
  8. Pros and Cons Of LeadBuster
  9. Who Should Buy LeadBuster?
  10. How Much Does LeadBuster Cost?
  11. My Elite Bonus Pack For LeadBuster
  12. My Final Opinion

Overview: LeadBuster Review

Product Type: Video Lead Capture System
Marketing Niche: Any
Product Creator: Dean Gilmore & Simon Warner
Prices: $47 (FE) + Upsells(Optional)
Ease of Use: Very lightweight, cloud-based and easy-to-use software.
Skills: Point/Click system. All Level(newbie to expert).
Support: Nice
Refund Policy: 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
Rating: 4.6 Out of 5
My Verdict: Highly Recommended.

LeadBuster Review
When you buy it through my affiliate link above, send your purchase receipt of LeadBuster at bonus.from.pall@gmail.com and I’ll send you my $30,000 worth of digital marketing courses and software package. So don’t miss it.

What Is LeadBuster?

Lead Buster is an interactive video system for lead generation. It puts out the boring static old lead capture forms in favor of magical cinematic lead capture videos with automatic tracking pixels, which can now skyrocket your lead opt-ins and conversions.

Worries about IOS changes and reduced retargeting are a thing of the past; it’s time for you to reclaim control of your customers and conversions with Lead Buster, fighting back against the IOS crackdown of asking apps not to track and hitting them in the pockets with the downfall of Facebook retargeting.

The LeadBuster is simple to use, sleek, sexy, and innovative; now is the time to see what other marketers and clients are talking about.

The Creator of LeadBuster:

LeadBuster Review
Dean Gilmore & Simon Warner

Dean Gilmore and Simon Warner are the creators of LeadBuster. They also created VideoRemix, Ignite, InterAction, ProBuildz, SmartVideo, BotEngage, DesignBundle, and a variety of other high-quality software products. They are well-known and are now the top 5% Vendor and 1% Affiliate of the JVZoo marketplace, with over 60,000+ sales of their products.

What We’ll Get Inside LeadBuster?

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing cinematic features you can use to bring your lead capture to life:

Add ANY Kind Of Media: (FREE Media Included!)

You can use any of your existing media to bring any LeadBuster lead-capture video to life. To bring your LeadBusters to life with your brand, add video clips, video backgrounds, images, logos, gifs, and much more. And if you don’t have one… Because of our integration with Pixabay and Pexels, you’ll never have to pay for expensive royalty-free images or clips again. They are entirely yours. You are now ready to go INSIDE your LeadBuster editor. For no cost.

Exciting Conversion Celebrations:

Obtaining your prospect’s lead is an accomplishment (that has been made a LOT easier thanks to LeadBuster!) that should be celebrated. So, celebrate every conversion with a mind-blowing celebration that will leave your new lead with a lasting impression!

Seamless Transitions:

LeadBuster’s professional editor makes it simple to add seamless transitions to your lead capture – keeping your prospect’s attention on your marketing message.

Beautiful Blends:

You’ll be able to add cinematic-style effects worthy of a BAFTA with a full artist’s palette of blending effects. Experiment with light, dissolve, multiply, and other effects.

Oscar-Winning Opacity:

Control the opacity of your videos to create eye-catching effects and make your text, personalized elements, and animations stand out. Layer your videos with slick, sexy, and uber-professional transparent effects – no technical knowledge required.

Attention-Grabbing Animations:

To add blockbuster animations to your LeadBusters, you don’t have to be Disney or Pixar. With a simple drag and drop, you can add emotion, energy, and excitement with smart animated features.

Animate Your Text:

Once you’ve selected your perfect font from your bank of 50+ cinematic fonts (chosen because they convert REALLY well for lead capture)…
Then it’s time to get them moving… with some amazing dynamic text animations.

Animate Your Images:

Plus, you’ll find in your artist’s pallet ready to add to your LeadBusters a bank of animations normally reserved for Dreamworks artists:

  • 100+ Animated Emojis (+100 bonus static ones!)
  • 50+ Animated Flags
  • 50+ Animated Stickers
  • All free and ready to bring life to your lead capture!

Never Miss A Follow-Up Again:

Take full control of your sales pipeline with a visual dashboard view. Allow yourself to be assisted by automated follow-up suggestions when leads fall through the cracks or emails go unanswered.

With live notifications of their interactions with your emails and website, you can stay on top of your leads.

Keep Track of Leads Automatically:

LeadBuster automatically tracks customer interactions, so you always have a complete picture of all emails, meetings, calls, and email/web tracking.

It automates your address book using email signatures and publicly available social data. It also organizes all of the documents you exchanged. Simply synchronize with Gmail or Office 365.

See Everything About A Lead In One Place:

There’s no need to go through your email inbox, calendar, social media, phone, and notes separately. LeadBuster keeps everything in one place for you, so you can always pick up where you left off.

It’s similar to having a second memory for sales leads. You can access it from your phone, laptop, or tablet.

Size To To Perfection, For Any Platform, For Any Purpose:

LeadBuster gives you complete control over your canvas size with just a drag and drop, whether it’s a portrait video for your Facebook timeline, a “square video” for Instagram, or a whole range of perfect sizes for your Facebook ads.

See how simple it is to select and change your size here:

Ideal for Any Occasion:

  • Square Videos
  • Vertical Videos
  • Square Videos

Aspect Ratios for Facebook Videos:

  • Facebook Video Landscape Aspect 16:9 Shared Post
  • 9:16 Facebook Shared Post Video Portrait Aspect

Aspect Ratios for Facebook Ads Video:

  • Link to Desktop News Feed Video Carousel Video Aspect 16:9 (landscape)
  • Carousel Video Aspect 16:9 (landscape) Aspect ratios of 16:9 (landscape) or 1:1 (square)
  • Canvas Video: Featured in the News Feed (Mobile) Aspect ratios of 16:9 (landscape) or 1:1 (square)
  • Canvas Ad with Autoplay Video (Mobile) Aspect ratio of 16:9 (landscape) or 1:1 (square) Slideshow Video Aspect ratio of 16:9 (landscape) or 9:16 (portrait*)

Receive Instant Alerts:

Always be notified of new submissions. Receive email notifications whenever someone fills out your form. Based on the responses provided in the form, notify the appropriate team member. Always stay on top of things, no matter where you are.

Observe Your Own Growth:

LeadBuster’s easy-to-use web form builder assists you in determining your top-performing marketing campaign. Understand how your form was discovered by the registrants. With our analytics, you can get a complete picture of your forms’ pageviews, conversion rates, error scores, and much more.

Connect With Your Customers:

Sending personalized emails to your customers can help you build long-term relationships with them. You can also email them a PDF copy of their form or a link to edit their response. LeadBuster’s website form builder automates the entire process, allowing you to focus your efforts on other aspects of your business.

How Does LeadBuster Work For Us?

This system works in just 3 simple steps:

  • Step-1: Create your lead-capture video first.
  • Step-2: The tracking pixel is then added to the video. Finally, you incorporate the video into your website or social media platform.
  • Step-3: Once the video is embedded, it will automatically begin capturing leads and sending them to your email list.

The procedure, in my opinion, is very simple and straightforward.

Watch The DEMO Of LeadBuster:

Get it today at an all-time low exclusive one-time “early bird” price that is the lowest you will ever be able to get it at.

LeadBuster Review
When you buy it through my affiliate link above, send your purchase receipt of LeadBuster at bonus.from.pall@gmail.com and I’ll send you my $30,000 worth of digital marketing courses and software package. So don’t miss it.

Pros and Cons: LeadBuster Review


  • Simple to use
  • A large amount of royalty-free stock has been integrated.
  • Anyone can afford this price.
  • Tools for Video Editing
  • Work in any niche
  • Bring in more leads, traffic, and sales.
  • Money-saving


  1. A strong internet connection is required.
  2. The price will be raised in the near future.
  3. To be honest, I couldn’t think of anything else wrong with this LeadBuster software.

Who Should Buy LeadBuster? LeadBuster Review

If you want to generate and convert more leads, the LeadBuster interactive video system is the way to go.
LeadBuster is an essential tool for the following individuals:

  • LeadBuster is ideal for online marketers and freelancers.
  • If you use Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Pinterest ads, Google AdWords, and retargeting ads to get traffic and leads, this is also for you.
  • LeadBuster is ideal if you want to add video interactivity to your websites and landing pages.
  • If you own a business or work in Network Marketing, LeadBuster is an essential tool for you.

LeadBuster Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Here I’ll break down Frontend(Main) and all the OTOs (Upsell-Downsell) we can choose our necessity.

Front-End: Leadbuster By Videoremix ($47):

  • No prior technical knowledge is required: works right out of the box, with the simple push-button operation.
  • There is no software to install because it is entirely cloud-based. Anytime, anywhere. Anytime.
  • Third grade easy: in just a few clicks, you can create captivating, eye-catching, attention-grabbing interactive video lead-capture forms.
  • Obtain more leads: stick it to ios with interactive video lead capture that converts like gangbusters and automatically captures and retargets your customers.
  • Regain control over your customers: you’ll never lose a customer or a sale again with smart retargeting and Facebook tracking pixels.
  • Like gangbusters, sell Leadbusters! Included in the commercial license: use for yourself and profitably sell Leadbuster lead-capture videos and lead services to others. (our users have already earned over $2.5 million!)
When you buy it through my affiliate link above, send your purchase receipt of LeadBuster at bonus.from.pall@gmail.com and I’ll send you my $30,000 worth of digital marketing courses and software package. So don’t miss it.

OTO-1: Lead Buster Automation Suite ($97):

Begin connecting with customers through any channel, at any time, and from any location. Make it easier to interact with customers. Begin generating leads automatically right now.

OTO-2: LeadBuster Creation Suite ($67):

Become a pro and instantly access over 1 million ready-to-use premium lead-capture templates. (With no recurring fees for the time being!).

OTO-3: LeadBuster Connect System ($97):

Special LeadBuster Bundle Offer($227):

With the LeadBuster bundle offer, you get the whole package – a lot more leads and sales – for a lot less money and a lot less effort. It truly is a lead generation system unlike any other on the market right now. Fast, simple, effortless, and less expensive. Before others have even opened the box, you can start generating leads and profits with the LeadBuster bundle offer. Get the entire package, including LeadBuster, all three upgrades, (names of upgrades), a reseller, and an agency. Your LeadBuster ultimate VIP bundle comes with a 14-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

This promotion has ended.

The winner will be announced soon.

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