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Witchcraft Secret Manual is a digital product that provides sorceries that have an incredible efficiency demonstrated in the professional world of wizardry, the product provides users with simple spells that can be cast by just about anyone even without knowledge of witchcraft and/or sorcery. The product was created by Esteban Jose Portela who has been studying and practicing white magic and black magic for over 35 years and has been helping people all over the world solve their problems and achieve their life goals, he is the fifth generation of magicians and sorcerers in his family and has devised different spells that requite no prior experience in witchcraft to cast and is able to change any and almost every aspect of your life.

What is Witchcraft Secret Manual?

Spirituality is at an all-time high. Studies have even confirmed that more and more people are identifying as witches. But what does it mean to be a witch and practice witchcraft? There are many definitions, many of which are wrong and negative. However, witchcraft is simply having “healing hands” and using magic spells, rituals and incantations.

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Witchcraft Secret Manual is a sacred program filled with pages upon pages of in-depth spiritual insight, knowledge, spell work, rituals, remedies, and incantations. It’s a powerful program separated into two comprehensive guides, both of which are designed to help people discover their real magic through witchcraft. These two guides are:

  1. Main Witchcraft Manual

  2. Charms, Spells and Herbs

I’ll get into the details of the types of spells you learn in just a moment. First, it’s worth mentioning that the guides also provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to begin this journey. Within each, you learn the essentials to using witchcraft, such as the different charms and symbols and what they mean, the different moon phases and what to do on each, the four elements, the meaning behind candle magic and colours, and much more. It doesn’t just provide you with the spells and rituals, and send you on your way. Instead, Witchcraft Secret Manual serves as your mentor, guide and teacher throughout the entire program.

The awesome thing is that everything is digital, so you don’t have to worry about a package arriving on your doorstep for all of your neighbors to see. Instead, you receive immediate access and can download the guides right onto your private tech devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Now, if you haven’t tapped into your spiritual powers before, you may be questioning whether or not spells actually work. Well, this program comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can try all of them out for yourself risk-free for two months. This is ample time to see the type of magic you can mix up.

Who is the Author of Witchcraft Secret Manual?

Fourth generation white magic witch, Esteban José Portela, is the author of Witchcraft Secret Manual. Esteban has been studying both white and black magic for over 35 years to add to the generations of practices and wisdom that has been passed on to him.

Summary of Witchcraft Secret Manual

Witchcraft Secret Manual is the ultimate guide for aspiring witches, modern day witches or people embarking on a spiritual journey. It comes with two comprehensive guides that teach you everything there is to know about using witchcraft, rituals, spells, and spiritual practices.

The program is separated into four parts for easy understanding and implementation. They are:

You receive step-by-step instructions, recipes, and ingredient lists as needed within each. You also learn different types of spells, the different purposes of each spell, when to do specific rituals, how to do them and so much more.

What does the Witchcraft Secret Manual Contain?

The witchcraft secret manual contains two main components. The first is of course the manual itself which introduces you to spell casting. The manual is basically a guide that will give you details about spirituality and magic.

You will also know how to harness the power of the universe to cast spells that give you everything and help you manifest the life you want. And it includes the use of crystals and the law of attraction to manifest your desires and achieve success in life.

Apparently, the powers you get from the manual are not a ploy to deceive you. In the end, the details you may get in this industry-standard products will not be available anywhere else. Remember, “a witch does not need to fix problems. She fixes the energy around problems. Then the problems fix themselves.” (Dacha Avelin)

We are talking about important aspects of witchcraft including things like moon phases, candle rituals, earthly elements, spiritual symbols, and so many others. The second section of the witchcraft manuals includes all the charms, spells, and herbs.

This basically gives you a full list of the spell you can cast and how to do it. Of course, at the end of it all, achieving your goals as a spell caster will take time. But with practice and work, then you can easily be able to do anything magic with this occult guide for success.


Witchcraft Secret Manual is the ultimate guide for anyone embarking on a spiritual journey or channeling their inner witch magic. It is a comprehensive, two-guide program that teaches you the secrets to finding your magic and using spells, rituals and practices to achieve anything you desire. And hey, you can even try it out risk-free for two months with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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