Enter to Win Free Digital Copies of "Hardball Retroactive", "Hardball Retrospective" and "Hardball Retrospective: Addendum"!

Hardball Retroactive - can you name all of the games on my book cover? Starting with the top row, left corner -> List the Title and System(s). There are 5 games per row with a total of 45 screenshots depicted. Contestant with the most correct answers will receive free PDF copies of my books, "Hardball Retroactive", "Hardball Retrospective" and "Hardball Retrospective: Addendum". Contestants placing in the top-5 (excluding the winner) will receive their choice of "Hardball Retroactive", "Hardball Retrospective" OR "Hardball Retrospective: Addendum" in PDF format. Visit the Hardball Retrospective page on Facebook to view a larger image of the book cover. To submit your guesses for the screenshots on the book cover, simply copy/paste this link into a new browser tab, list the game titles and systems depicted in each screenshot by row, and submit the form when you're done -> http://www.tuatarasoftware.com/baseballanalytics/2018/10/06/enter-to-win-free-digital-copies-of-hardball-retroactive-hardball-retrospective-and-hardball-retrospective-addendum/

This promotion has ended.

The winners will be announced soon.

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