Want to Hook Up for the First Time? Here’s How to Do It

Casual Hookup

With so many online dating sites on the internet, finding casual dates and hookups should be a walk in the park. However, we understand that doing it for the first time can make you feel stressed, anxious, and nervous.

Many people think that finding casual partners via online dating sites is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, hooking up should be fun and exciting. Here is a quick point for you – the more you stress out about your first hookup, the less you’re going to enjoy it.

First of all, relax and stop worrying about how things are going to be. Handling your first hookup is your very first step towards enjoying the perks of the world of online dating. Having casual sex can be a fantastic experience if you know what you’re doing.

That’s why we’ve created this short guide that will help you discover the secret of how to hook up for the first time with success. We want to help you prepare yourself for having a fantastic night of casual sex. Hookups are meant to be relaxed, breezy, and fun.

They are free of the bonds of dating and all the drama that goes with it. Whenever you feel like you want to get laid, hooking up for some casual sex is a fun way to satisfy your needs. Since we know that getting into hookup culture can seem a bit confusing and scary, these tips will help you get ahead of your hookup game in no time.

Keep things casual at all times

The entire point of hookups is having casual sex and nothing more. In other words, there is nothing more than sex to it. Hookups are meant to be simple and easy, free of any drama, overthinking, and anything else that is related to having a relationship.

Here, you get in touch with a person you like when you want to hook up, and that’s it. You’re not required to contact them outside of hookup times, as hooking up has nothing to do with the dating territory.

When it comes to keeping in contact with your hookups, keeping it casual means talking about sex when you feel in the mood – you don’t ask for more, but you don’t expect anything from them either. Hooking up works for the sake of mutual satisfaction, nothing more, nothing less.

Of course, make sure that your hookup partner understands your intentions to keep things casual to make sure you’re both on the same page. Aside from that, relax, be yourself, play it cool, and keep it casual.

Don’t overthink

There is no need to overthink this or think about what will happen in the future. When you’re about to hook up with someone for the first time, overthinking will only make you more nervous. Remember why you’re here and what you need to do.

Since you probably don’t know much about the person you’re going to hook up with, unless they are your friends with benefits, there’s nothing to think about besides how to have a fantastic time. Take things as they come and go with the flow.

Many first-timers think they have to do something special to get what they want, but they’re all wrong. You don’t have to do anything aside from being nice and polite. The best thing about hookups – you don’t have to see them again.

As you can see, there’s nothing to worry or stress about. You’re both adult persons engaging in consensual, casual sex. If both of you are on the same page regarding the things you want, go ahead and have a blast.

Remember to play it cool

There are numerous reasons to play it cool with your first-time hookup. First of all, it will help you both relax and get in the mood. When you’re both relaxed, it’s easier to enjoy things. Second, try to act as casual as you can and be cool about everything, as this will help you to act like it.

Remember, there’s nothing at stake here, and you have nothing to lose. Even if things don’t work out the way you hoped they would, you can still find another hookup date. On the other hand, if you think or push things too much, you might give off the impression that you’re more invested in all this than your hookup is.

Your first hookup should be mutually casual, but it takes two to tango. If the other person starts to think that you might want something more than just sex, they might quit on you before anything happens. That’s why it’s crucial to just be yourself, chill, and relax.

This attitude will not only put you in the mood, but it will also make your hookup feel good about deciding to hook up with you. Whatever happens, always stay level-headed for both of your sakes.

Mutual consent greatly matters

While most people using casual and hookup sites and apps know what they came for, some still don’t know how things work when people are trying to hook up. For them, this is murky territory, and they aren’t quite clear about what they are looking for actually.

Because of that, make sure you and your partner are both after the same thing, giving affirmative, clear consent. When it comes to hooking up, this is the golden standard. You’re both here to have a great time together, and for that to work, both parties have to agree.

Honesty is the key to everything

The key to hooking up lies in being perfectly honest and clear about what you want. Whether you’re looking for a relationship or not, the only thing that matters is to be completely upfront about your intentions. If your partner wants the same things as you, you got yourself a deal.

On the other hand, you can avoid unnecessary drama and awkward situations if you just tell your partner what’s on your mind. It’s only fair to allow them to make a choice whether they want to hook up with you or not. Don’t leave anything to chance, and be straightforward about what you want.

Be nice to your partner

Even though your hookup isn’t your girlfriend or boyfriend, you still should be nice to them. In fact, the more you allow yourself to connect with them, the stronger the pleasure. Hooking up with someone doesn’t mean you should be absent while you’re with them.

Instead, make them feel special, give them your affection, and focus your attention on them. Hooking up is all about having casual sex, but that doesn’t mean the experience shouldn’t be sexy and sensual.

Make your partner feel wanted, and you’ll feel better about yourself afterward. Many people new to hookups pay too much attention to looking sexy instead of just feeling sexy, and it shows.

Take the lead

Even though you’re new to this whole hookup thing, you can still make a move and act like you know what you’re doing. It will also make your partner feel better about agreeing to hook up with you. Taking the lead isn’t only about making a move – it’s also about getting rid of the tension of waiting for things to happen.

On the other hand, when you make your intentions clear to someone, they know that you’re fully into them. That’s how you create a real connection and make you both feel good about the choice you’ve made. Don’t be afraid to look into their eyes, make the first move, and take the lead.

Don’t set your expectations too high

The higher the expectations, the bigger the disappointment. Especially if this is the very first time you’re trying to hook up. Remember, you’re here to have casual sex with a complete stranger that you probably won’t see ever again.

In other words, there’s no need to have expectations of any kind aside from your own personal safety and the whole thing being legit. Once you’re sure your hookup isn’t some weirdo or a creep, throw all of your potential expectations out the window and just go with the flow.

They don’t have to like you personally, and it doesn’t matter what they think. In fact, nothing matters except for having sex and a great time together. Instead of thinking about your expectations, you should focus on satisfying them sexually.

Whatever you do, don’t go on a first-time hookup date with thoughts about dating or a relationship because it probably won’t happen, and you’ll end up disappointed.

Remember to enjoy yourself

Hooking up is all about enjoying the experience and having fun. Make sure you leave all your stresses and worries behind before you go on a hookup date. Instead of worrying, focus on your wildest sexual fantasies and try to explore things you’ve never experienced before.

Playing with your sexuality is an excellent way to play with fantasies and simply get caught up in sex. If you don’t feel comfortable with doing something, just don’t do it. Also, if one hookup bores you, simply find another.

The perk of having so many different casual dating and hookup sites and apps is that you get to dive into a vast pool of potential partners. It takes time, patience, and a bit of experience to find a hookup partner who knows its way around the bedroom. Take your time, and if you’re not enjoying yourself, there’s no point in continuing.

Communication is the key to having the best sex ever

Being transparent about your desires and needs, as well as fetishes and fantasies, is the best way to not only conquer your first hookup but own your sexuality.

Keep constant communication going with your hookup to make for a more collaborative, transparent, empowered, and ethical hookup experience. Just two people agreeing on having sex isn’t enough for things to work out for the best.

Start an open discussion about what you both want and talk about the things that turn you on and off. If you’re interested in particular things in the bedroom, feel free to ask about them. The more you know about what makes your partner tick, the easier it gets to get off for the both of you.

Don’t stay for a sleepover

The last thing on our list is also one of the most important ones – do not sleep over if you’re really into hooking up. The trick to hooking up is to know how things will be upfront. If it’s just this one time, don’t stay too long.

If you’re at your place, don’t let them stay too long after it’s done, but don’t make them leave too early either, as it will make you appear rude. If you don’t want to get attached to your hookup, make some rules to make things easier for the both of you.

First-time hookup mistakes you should avoid

To conclude our short guide to hooking up for the first time, we’re going to mention some of the most common mistakes people make when hooking up:

- Not talking about the things you like or dislike in bed
- Never letting your hookup know what makes you get off
- Having unclear expectations about whether it’s just a one-time thing or something more
- Overthinking your performance
- Doing things that make you feel uncomfortable
- Forgetting about your own needs
- Imposing things you like on your partner without their consent
- Being dishonest about your intentions
- Feeling anxious and nervous
- Feeling insecure about yourself, your body, and your bedroom skills
- Not bringing any form of protection

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