Cubeet Review – Worth It or a Scam?

Cubeet is an AMAZING product by Misan Morrison and his partner Joshua Johnson. Misan has long been an expert in this online marketing field, with many of digital products that provide simple traffic solution for marketers. And many of you may be familiar with such products as FunnelsBot, SociFlux, FXFunnel, etc. He and his team have spent more than a year for developing Affiliate Suite, which is a software tool that they believe will change your online marketing forever. And we will know why they have such a though in this Cubeet Review.

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Cubeet Interactive Website Builder App by Misan Morrison Review. The demand for instant live communication is growing as businesses frantically need it to stay in business. With customers wanting to stay connected, leverage the Zero touch trend. Cubeet Commercial is a tool that enables businesses to create interactive videos and experiences in a few minutes at home. You can easily create and embed them on your website or social media platform. It does so without any special skills or knowledge. Cubeet is an AI-powered website builder that turns any website into an interactive one by adding video, call, SMS, and interactive buttons. It works in just 60 seconds! They created a tool enabling websites to turn normal web pages into fully-interactive screens. Our patent pending technology uses face tracking, speech recognition, and face prediction algorithms to enable users to interact face-to-face with brands & businesses through any website! We also offer the ability to quickly and easily build digital pop-up stores and online chat functionalities right into any website. No fancy dashboards, no convoluted technologies, no call center needed, making it super easy for you to acquire new leads & grow revenue. In nutshel. Cubeet is a revolutionary AI Consultant tool that enables you to easily integrate 2-way Video Calls into your website. It allows visitors to get more details and buy directly from inside your video. You can answer questions & close leads through live video calls, chats, or text messages while they browse through your website. Creating an instant conversion page with built-in viral traffic is as simple as creating a video. Your audience can also call or SMS you to discuss their video with you.

Why Should You Get Cubeet Commercial?

You can stop paying social media agencies & managers and stop using any monthly subscriptions that promise MORE Sales. Cubeet is the world’s first software app that bridges the social distancing gap between buyers and sellers during the COVID-19 pandemic. It lets you add video & audio calling widgets, SMS engagement widgets, and live chat widgets to your website. Cubeet is a platform that enables businesses to deliver interactive marketing experiences at home. Its 3 step approach helps businesses reach their goals and increase sales in just 3 simple steps. You’ll learn how to boost your audience engagement by using live interactions. This app is designed to give you the tools and resources to get started. Learn how to create 2-way video conversations, presentation templates, and open chat widgets that are ideal for creating complex 2-way video flows. Cubeet is a content marketing system that gives you the ability to boost conversions through video pages and social media buttons. Access to exclusive bonuses that are only available to members during the Cubeet Prelaunch Parties. Get a special bundle deal on all of the upsells + 75% off Cubeet + all of the bonuses! They’ve created First To Market Solution of the nearly unimaginable ability to turn any static website into an interactive one. With videos on almost every line of text, you are able to click and lock eyes with the consultant and ask/answer any questions you may have. Adding a layer of convenience and entertainment without forcing you to download an app or wait on hold minutes before what would normally be a 5 minute call.

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  • Complete Access to Cubeet with customization power to change flow domains to reflect your brand and to sell this as a service.

  • 50 Templates

  • Create Limited Widgets

  • Create Limited Flows

  • Create Limited Instant Conversion Pages

  • Limited Asset storage Capacity

  • 5K Traffic Limit Per Cube Widget

  • Commercial License Included

Cubeet Features

  • Create 2-way video conversations, presentations, questions, and comments easily.

  • Capture the details of your visitors and conversions easily with their conversion tools. Export as CSV, .NET, .HTML, or PHP.

  • Create Your own DFY template with Cubeet’s extensive list of over 100+ predefined templates.

  • Create Flows From Twitter, YouTube, and, and receive PayPal payment. Also, promote any music or website from Soundcloud.

  • Copy-Paste This Simple Line Of Code To Create Non-Obstructive Attention Grabbing Widgets.

  • With over 12+ integrations, you can easily create non-obstructive Attention Grabbers for any website.

  • From Videos & Images to Audio & Sound Effects, Their Site has something for everyone.

  • Create Customizable & Shareable Site Pages With Social Media Buttons & QR Codes.

  • Create a fully immersive website with interactive and responsive design.

  • You can now schedule specific time and day to activate your campaigns. Just enter the Google or Facebook pixel code below and click “Enter”.

A Glimpse At What ALL You Can Do With Cubeet

  • Choose From Over 100+ Niche Specific Video/Animated DFY Templates

  • Easily Create 2-Way Video Conversation, Video Presenter, Survey, Question, Inquiry, Request Callback, Social Media, Open Chat Widget And Rating Flows

  • Effortlessly Create Flows From Twitter, YouTube, Sell From Amazon, Sell From Shopify Store, Receive PayPal Payment, Promote Personal Patreon Link, Collect Donations, Promote Any Music From Soundcloud, And Promote Any Website Or Blog

  • Simply Point-n-Click To Create Several Funnel Steps For Your Created Flow With Cubeet

  • Choose From Over 3 Million Videos/Images, Gif/Stickers, Audio Sounds, Icons, Gestures, Illustrations, Frames, Brand Logos, Patterns, Slogans, People, And Product Collections

  • Copy-Paste A Simple Line Of Code To Create Non-obstructive Attention Grabbing Widgets On Any Website

  • Over 12+ Integrations With Autoresponders Of Your Choice And Relevant Third Party Communication

  • Generate Instant Conversion Pages With Social Media Buttons, QR Code And Easy To Remember Customizable & Shareable Links

  • Schedule Specific Time And Day To Activate Your Flows Or Funnel Sequences And Run Truly Engaging Campaigns

  • Add Your Google/Facebook Pixel Code And Any Ads Code Or Just About Any Snippet In Just 1-Click

  • Render The Portal To Your Choice Of Language And Use With Ease

  • Capture The Full Details Of Your Visitors And The Conversions Platforms And Export As CSV

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How Does Cubeet Work

  • Step#1: Pick from Video, phone, SMS engagement option. Create your own template with predefined video and dfy templates.

  • Step#2: Customize. Change text, color, ctas to match your brand and offers

  • Step#3: You can embed video calls or text-to-speech calls on your website or create a shareable link. Create a simple code to embed live video or audio calls on your website or share it using a link.

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Cubeet Review – Futuristic AI Powered Consultancy Tool Lets You Reach, Engage & Close Deals With Clients Without Needing To Be Face To Face

Cubeet Interactive Website Builder App by Misan Morrison is very very professional product and best choice for you. I hope that all of the information in my Cubeet Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice. If you’re ready to start making a real online income in the most passive way possible then click the button below before the price rises. I am look forward to seeing your success. Grab Cubeet Commercial Now!

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