Alpha Heater Reviews - Consumer Report November 2021

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Alpha Heater is a newly developed portable and compact heater that can make any room cozy in 2 minutes or less. While there are many portable heaters available on the market nowadays, this model is like no other, seeing it has incredible power, not to mention it’s the most energy-efficient and compact unit of its kind. Alpha Heater pumps put big volumes of cozy and warm air with every second that passes, at a double rate than its market competitors. What’s also great about it is that it consumes less energy than a laptop when doing so. In only 2 minutes or less, this heater turns the living room, a bedroom, or an office into a 60-75 degrees F space. It’s not a good idea to run the home heater every day, as this would involve spending thousands on energy every winter. Not to mention the costs of fixing central heating when the system breaks can put a huge hole in one’s pocket. Instead, people can use Alpha Heater, the modern and affordable approach to keeping the home while saving a lot of money.

Transform Cold & Chilly Places Into Comfortable, Warm & Cozy Places!

Alpha Heater Facts

Here are the most important facts anyone should know about Alpha Heater:

It’s a 100% American product, designed and made in the US.

Features nano filters that have it removing allergens, bacteria, and pollutants from the air

It’s portable, meaning it can be taken anywhere, from home to the office and even to the gym.

It saves thousands on energy because it has users turning off their central heating system, which costs a lot not only to run but also to maintain

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Who Should Use the Alpha Heater?

Anyone could benefit from Alpha Heater. Here are a few categories of people who should use this device:

  • Families looking to have a cozy and warm winter in the comfort of their own home

  • Those who are working in an office and need another source of heat to stay warm at their desk

  • Seniors who don’t afford to spend too much on energy for their central heating systems

  • People who reside in apartments where there’s no heating

Alpha Heater Technical Details

Here are the Alpha Heater tech details:

Reaches 75 Degrees F in 2 Minutes

Since it’s made with a powerful and ultra-efficient heat conversion system, Alpha Heater distributes warmth very rapidly, even when put to work in medium to large rooms. And it does all this without consuming a lot of energy.

Modern and Sleek Design

As mentioned, Alpha Heater has a portable design, meaning it can be placed anywhere in the room, from under the desk to near the bed or close to the coffee. Besides, it can be taken anywhere the user goes, even at the gym or the office.

Packed with Award-Winning Features

The award-winning safety features of Alpha Heater include the Overheat Protection Sensor that automatically turns the unit off when the temperature goes above 85 degrees F, as well as the Tilt Protection for increased safety.

Most Energy-Efficient

Alpha Heater was created to provide warmth and comfort during the coldest winter months, yet without consuming too much energy.

How Much Does Alpha Heater Cost?

At the moment, Alpha Heater is available at 50% OFF!

Many deals are being offered as well for when buying more than one unit, as it follows:

1 Alpha Heater for $79.99

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4 units at $67.99 for each unit

5 Alpha Heaters bought in bulk, each unit being sold for $63.99 with this package

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