Bio Recharge Hormonal Support *100% Legit BioRecharge* Does Its Really Works?

1# Constant Cardio - Fast walk or slow jog is the best form of weight loss. Why? Your using your bodyweight against gravity, hence it uses a lot of energy. This must be done in 30 minutes to an hour non stop. I'm sure you don't want me to harp on with the mechanics of it all, but fat burning doesn't really kick in until the 20 minute mark. So don't waste your time with 5 minutes on a treadmill. If your extremely obese, just do what you can and slowly lift the time each week. You should be aiming for 5 session a week.

2# Mix It Up - After a few weeks your body may start adjusting to the exercise and while it will still work it may become less effective. Here are some tips to combat this - Substitute a jog/walk session for swimming. Swimming works out more muscles than nearly any other sport. Its a great way to keep your muscles lean. Do not do the same gym exercise more than once a week, so your body won't adapt. Add some other sporting activity such as boxing, dancing etc.

3# Healthy Eating - I have already touched on most of this with my first point on not starving yourself. But a few additional tips would be, Know the difference between good and bad fats. To most fat is fat, which is incorrect. The fats you need to stay away from are vegetable oils, refined sugars (and there sweetener substitutes). Good fats are animal fats e.g. chicken skin, butter, lard etc. It is fine to have them in your diet but keep them in moderation. Fruit and vegetable need to make up the majority of your diet. If you find your not getting enough fibre in your system because your cutting out certain food groups take a supplement like Metamucil. How will you know if your not getting enough fibre? Constipation is the best indicator.


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