Extreme Keto EFX consistently and might want to speed up their journey to ketosis. This is where exogenous ketone supplements, also called “keto pills,” are supposed to come in. For those using the Extreme Keto EFX diet to lose weight, they can sound like an attractive short-cut – but do they work? What Are Keto Pills? To understand keto pills, it’s important to understand two classes of ketones: When your body is in ketosis, the liver produces ketone bodies that replace the glucose created by carbohydrates. These molecules are called endogenous ketones. Keto pills, on the other hand, give your body ketones from outside your body. These are known as exogenous ketones, and companies making the pills use chemically-stable molecules to increase the ketone level in your blood and mimic the effect of ketosis. The elevation in ketone levels in the blood following the taking of pills is said to help the transition to ketosis without having to follow the strict diet. Exogenous ketones are also known to suppress appetite,

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