Cenforce 200 mg

About the Brand Name of The Drug

Centurion Laboratories, India produces Cenforce 200. These pills contain sildenafil dose 200mg and are used to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence). This treatment is one of the most effective for males who have problems with their sexual organs. Sildenafil tablets is the name used in the USA for the drug. This drug is only available as a prescription drug.

About the Drug

Cenforce 200mg contains sildenafil citrate, the main ingredient in the tablet. The dosage is 200 mg. Centurion Laboratories, India manufactures and exports the drug. It is sold worldwide via almost all platforms, including online pharmacies and medical shops. Although

Cenforce 200mg represents the highest dose of sildenafil, it is also available in other dosage forms. It is recommended that you only use it under the supervision of a registered physician as it has the highest dose.

Salt of the Drug

Sildenafil citrate relaxes blood vessels walls and increases blood flow to certain areas. It is therefore used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil is not the only drug that can be used to treat this condition. It is important to not use both drugs simultaneously. This could lead to worsening of the condition.

Medical Uses of the Drug

This drug is prescribed for males who experience problems with erection during sexual stimulation or intercourse. This condition is usually seen in men over 30 years old. The medication increases blood flow to the blood vessels. Erectile dysfunction may be caused by hypertension, diabetes, or weight.

It can also be used to treat pulmonary arterial Hypertension. This increases the exercise ability of both men and women. For ED, the drug is administered for a shorter time and for PAH for a longer period.

The Making Of A Drug

Sildenafil falls under the PDE-5 blocker category. They block the release of chemicals that can inhibit the breakdown of cholesterol. The accumulation of cGMP within the penis can increase the hardness and erection rate of the penis, which results in male satisfaction after sex.

The drug increases blood flow by widening blood vessels. Erection will be easier if there is more blood flow to the penis. The blood flow will be increased and blood pressure lower if the arteries are widened.
You should take the drug 30-45 minutes before you have sex. The drug's action lasts 3-4 hours.

Side Effects

Side effects of sildenafil can include:
The process of erection can take longer, which can be painful.
• Unregular heartbeats
• Chest pain that may spread to the jaw or shoulders
• Blurred vision and discomfort in the eyes could be a result
• You may experience dizziness, sweating, or nausea.
• Urinary bladder pain
• Flushing of facial skin (Reddening, warming of the faces)
• Breathing difficulties
• Lip swelling, tongue swelling or swelling of the face

How to Use
• You can start taking the medication in lower doses. If low doses don't produce useful results, increase sildenafil doses.
• Take the tablet with a sufficient amount of water. You will get the best results if you take it empty stomach. To reduce side effects, it is best to take the medication with food.
• To increase sildenafil's effectiveness, do not take too much of the drug. It is sufficient to take it only once per day

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