Enter to Win a chance to have a genuine One-Person Birthday Party all to yourself!...with no one else invited* *Some restrictions apply

You can enter to win a superdeeduper One-Person Birthday Party all to yourself with not a single other soul invited.* Yes! Your party will include a personalized cake, celebrity phone calls, balloons, festive decorations, and even a musical performance from a special guest.

Is it your birthday? No! Is this kind of weird? Probably. but who cares? Free cake!!

To win, all you have to do is submit your name and information. A winner will be selected at a random time and the party will happen sometime after that.

This party is going to be the best thing on the planet... So amazing in fact, it shouldn't be spelled "party" but "PaRtY!!!"

*Some restrictions apply. No other guests will be invited but the party organizer and a required party photographer will be present. No exceptions.

This promotion has ended.

The winner will be announced soon.

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