Creative summer photography ideas

Each time of the year has its own charm, for making creative and original photos. Summer, in particular, is a season full of possibilities. We have more free time because we often take vacations at this time of the year. We go on a trip and this is the perfect opportunity to immortalize all the memories we want to keep forever. These situations are ideal for taking all those creative summer photos that you might not get at any other time of the year.

Creative photo ideas for summer

1. Chase the sunlight

Grab your camera, take to the streets, and seek to capture the hottest and sunniest moments. Taking into account the high temperatures that can be experienced in certain regions of France, this should not pose a problem. There is no other season that has so many hours of light, so take advantage of this time to shoot outdoors with natural light.

2. Photograph the seasonal fruits

Depending on where you live, although summer is the typical time for a certain type of fruit . In my region, you can easily find wild blackberries in the fields. Why not take the opportunity to photograph these fruits in a different way?

3. Prepare a country meal

The weather is nice and warm, so why not take advantage of the weather? In some places, it might be better not to go out at lunchtime, if it’s too hot. If this is the case for you, you can always opt for a snack or dinner in the cool of the evening . But a picnic is the perfect opportunity to take pictures that reflect summer well.

In addition, you can achieve photos of different styles, at a meal organized in the countryside. You can focus on macro photography with your macro conversion lens or macro lens to photograph whatever food you bring. And if you like portraits, you can capture those special moments with family or friends.

4. Capture soap bubbles for your creative summer photos

Who has never played, when they were little, with soap and water mixtures to make bubbles? Surely this must have happened to you and you are wondering why this fun game has been forgotten a bit. With you, it will become fashionable again! And if on top of that you have children or others nearby this summer, the images you can capture of them playing with the soap bubbles will be very pretty .

Soap bubbles give you lots of possibilities. You can immortalize them by only looking for the reflections and colors inside or capture the moment when a person is making the bubble . And you can even use the bubbles as a background for another object that you will be photographing. Imagine you want to take a picture of a product. The background made of soap bubbles with the reflections will be really original.

5. Use shadow patterns to take creative summer photos

We have already mentioned in a previous article how to use shadows in photos but in this case, in summer with a sun so present, we rather invite you to find patterns in the shadows. The sun and tree leaves are the perfect combination. You just have to take a good look and you will see the beautiful designs produced on the floor or on your model’s face.


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