PS-Multiple-Choice-ButtonWe’ve added another option for setting up entries for your PromoSimple giveaways — multiple choice. You can use these entry types to collect a wide variety of information from entrants to your giveaways. These entry types, which use radio buttons are a great way to ask for feedback, embed a poll question into your giveaway or even for use as an email subscription opt-in. These entry types can be setup as requiring an answer from all entrants or as bonus entries which entrants can choose to answer in return for increasing their chances of winning the sweepstakes.

Email & newsletter subscriptions

MC-email-opt-out-300x250Use the multiple choice entry type to create an opt-in or opt-out for your email newsletters. At any point during your campaign, or at the end, just download a spreadsheet of every entrant’s details, including Opt-In time, IP address and email address to import into your email system. You can set the default value for the radio buttons easily so that you can decide whether the user must choose to opt-in to your list or if they must click to opt-out of receiving your communications.

Polls & voting

Want to find out what new feature to focus on adding to your product? Instead of asking an open ended question that has difficult to aggregate results and may result in too broad of answers use a multiple choice question to focus your entrants on the products and features that are already in your development pipeline. This can be a quick and easy way to prioritize your development queue.

Prize selection

MC_prize-selection-300x259Some giveaways will have options of prizes for entrants. You can easily list out your prize options using the multiple choice entry type. Each entrant can select the prize that they would like to receive if they are chosen as the winner of the giveaway. With this setup you no longer have to track down winners and find out what to send them. You are also able to determine which prizes are most popular for use in your next giveaway.

Quizzes & trivia questions

A great way to really engage a giveaway’s audience is to ask questions about your website or brand. While some of your most engaged users may know the answer right away, newer users that have just been exposed to your brand may need to surf through your site a bit to find the answer. This is an easy way of asking them to check out your website and products and allows you to familiarize your new users with your product.

The multiple choice entry type can be quite flexible and used to gather a wide variety of information from your giveaways’ entrants. From creating a simple email newsletter opt-in form to an incentivized survey this entry enables PromoSimple users to create many new uses for the entry form.