Within the PromoSimple application, one of your options is to use a custom entry method. This is included so that you can specify any action that may not be included in the default list of entry types. A few ideas on how this entry format can be used are listed here. If you have other ideas or would like to see additional default entry types added, be sure to leave a comment here.

Photo or Video Contests
You can ask your users to send their entries to you directly via email and leave a note within this space confirming their submission. This allows you to have an easy way to track all of the entries to your contest within your Account management tools for this campaign.

Gather User Feedback, Suggestions and Comments
When you are making changes to your site, it is always helpful to gather feedback from your users before making drastic or even seemingly insignificant decisions. By using this field, your users can send their feedback and suggestions without making all of these comments visible within the comments sections of your website or blog. You can also quickly and easily view all of the comments within your Account management tools in PromoSimple.

Let Your Users Suggest New Blog Topics
Use this space to allow your users to submit requests for new products for you to review on your blog or suggest new topics that you may not have covered in the past. By incentivizing your readers with the opportunity to win your giveaway, you are likely to get an increased number of suggestions while rewarding your readers for engaging with your website.