Many PromoSimple partners that run their sweepstakes and contests on Facebook are interested in finding additional ways to help promote the sweepstakes to their users.

Customizing your Facebook Page’s Cover Photo and Profile Picture are easy ways to help spread the word. When you update your Profile Picture or Cover Image there are often updates pushed out to your news feed, which in and of itself is a way to notify your Fans of the promotion.

Use the image below to help guide the design outline for your Profile Picture and Cover Image.

In the example below you can see how LD Products, an online link retailer, used their Cover Image to let their users know about their Hawaii vacation giveaway. They included an eye-catching design with the basic information about the giveaway to draw attention to the promotion.

When you update your Profile Picture to reflect and remind users about the promotion it is shown in your Fans’ news feeds every time that you make a post from your Facebook account. This helps to remind users that your sweepstakes is still running; this is particularly useful for sweepstakes that allow daily entries for items such as Tweeting. In the example above the Profile Picture includes a palm tree, which helps to remind users about the sweepstakes each time they see a message in their news feed from LD Products.