Running giveaways is a fun and easy way to build brand awareness—not to mention, a way to add a ton of qualified subscribers to your list. But once you’ve run one, how soon should you run your next? Let’s dig into the topic:

Giveaways as Part of Your Marketing Plan

The best way to utilize giveaways is to think of them as a standard part of your overall marketing plan.

When you set up a giveaway, you can also set up a dedicated welcome email, as well as send an email with a freebie—starting an email funnel and priming them to interact with you and purchase from you.

Just like your website, your social media, or even your paid advertising, giveaways should be a regular feeder of qualified leads into your overall marketing plan.

And, in many ways, giveaways can be one of the best sources of subscribers and leads, since you capture them at a time of high excitement and interest. Add that to the fact that acquiring these leads is exceptionally low-cost, and giveaways are hard to beat.

Creating a Giveaways Schedule

When many people first get started, their attitude toward giveaways is “I’ll run one when I feel like it” or “I’ll run one when I happen to have a good prize.”

But, as with any marketing plan, flying by the seat of your pants like that can lead to complications and confusion.

The better way to do it is to create a calendar and schedule out your giveaways in advance.

The frequency of your giveaways depends on how often you want to get a big boost of new subscribers. For some blogs and businesses, they’ll only be ready to accommodate them once a month, so running a giveaway each month makes sense.

Others want a steadier stream of qualified subscribers, and run giveaways once a week or once every other week.

Evaluate your own marketing goals and decide what you’re looking for.

Remember, too, that as you run more giveaways, you’ll start to learn what language works best for your audience, what kinds of pictures are more likely to get entrants, and which means of promotion work best.

In essence, the more you run giveaways, the more effective they’ll get!