You can now upload your own images from your computer or a URL to add them to your giveaway entry forms as well as to be associated with your sweepstakes listings throughout the PromoSimple Giveaway Network.

Uploading images

All PromoSimple users, including free accounts, have the option to add an image to the giveaway entry form. When you are customizing the design of your entry form just click on the ‘Add/Change’ button in the Images section to open the image editor. You can opt to upload an image from your computer or paste in the URL for an image from the web that you would like to use. (Please be sure you have permission to use the image). You can then crop and save your image as you would like.

These images are all stored and served by PromoSimple cloud-hosting to ensure that images are loaded quickly and without security issues, even on secure webpages.

Image library

Once you’ve added images to your PromoSimple account you will be able to re-use these images for future campaigns if you have similar prizes for repeat giveaways. Just select the image from your image library after clicking on ‘Add / Change Image’. You can add a new image or choose to replace an image within an entry form at any time, even when the campaign is live.

Giveaway network images

When you add an image for a giveaway that image will also be available for use throughout the giveaway network. This includes displaying on the Giveaways Directory, Giveaway Widgets and within the weekly Giveaway newsletter.

You can add, change and manage all of your images for the Giveaways Network from within the Promote tab in your PromoSimple account. If you opt to have your giveaway included in the the network but choose not to upload an image a default image will be used for the giveaway listing based on the giveaway category that you chose when creating your giveaway.