Your giveaway headline is the first thing that will catch a potential entrant’s eye—and if they like what they see, they’ll continue reading and enter. But how can you make sure your headline and description copy catches their attention? Read on…

Your Giveaway Headline is Your Hook

When people come across your giveaway, you want to catch their attention and entice them to enter, right?

Your giveaway headline is right at the top of your form and likely to be the very first thing a potential entrant sees.

That means that your giveaway headline’s job is to hook the reader: grab them and then reel them in. To that, you have to make it very compelling.

We have “Enter to Win” as placeholder copy in our form builder, but you should never just leave it at that.

Instead, get very specific about what your entrant will win. Remember, the most compelling thing people can read is what they’ll get out of something. And what they’ll get out of entering your giveaway is a chance to win!

Make your giveaway headline about your prize, and make it as specific and clear as possible. If people don’t completely understand what they might win, they won’t enter.

Also, be sure to put some thought into it and write a great headline before you publish your campaign. If you change the headline later, it will only confuse people.

Your Giveaway Description Persuades Them

Often, your headline won’t be enough space to convey just how amazing your prize is. The giveaway description area is the place to go into detail!

If the headline told them that they could win a men’s Timex watch, your giveaway description is where you can describe what makes it special. Is the face a titanium alloy? Is the band calf leather? Let people know!

Remember, too, to give people context when necessary. People following you on social media might know that you’re in Phoenix and your giveaway gift card is for a Phoenix store, but people who find you via your website might not.

And if people find your giveaway via our Giveaway Directory, they might not know anything about you at all! Don’t forget to give strangers the context they need to want to enter.

Your Giveaway Image Completes the Picture

This post is primarily about the wording on your giveaway, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention images.

The most successful giveaways always have images; don’t neglect yours.

If you have an image you’ve taken of the prize yourself, great. If not, you can likely use a professional picture of the prize, as long as you give photo credit—and that’s as easy as writing “Photo by [where you found it]” at the bottom of your prize description.

Your enticing copy and a great picture work together to make your giveaway irresistible. Put some thought into all of these elements and people will clamber to enter.