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When you intend to purchase a new vacuum cleaner, you might be fuzzy with dozens of brands and their features and plenty of vacuum types and models. In this guide, we focus on comparing two types of vacuums, bagged and bagless. What is the best vacuum cleaner for your house?

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They both have their pros and cons of features and pricing. Let’s figure out the difference between each type by the table below.

The pros and cons



Easily clean to empty

Hold more dust than bagless one

Highly recommend for allergy suffers and pet owners

Keep the dirt and dust inside a closed bag

Prevent potential allergens 

No need to clean or replace the filter as often

Require less maintenance


Expensive replacement bags

Less effective cleaning with a full bag



More eco-friendly option

Less expensive

Easy to see its working or full or not due to the clear chambers.

More popular option among consumers


Messier to empty 

Need to replace its filter as recommended 

Increase the risk of allergy

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In general, through vacuum cleaner ratings, we can claim that bagless vacuum cleaners are more popular than bagged vacuums because they can save money for households with amazing benefits. Bagged vacuums are ideal to keep your home clean with a bag that contains dust and dirt, help you keep away from harmful pollutants. The truth is however, that you have to spend much money on purchasing bags and replacing parts in continual use. 

Regarding bagless ones, why are they more popular options among consumers? It depends on their efficiency, convenience and great cleaning experience. It is not a time-consuming bulky traditional housekeeping tool anymore. Consumers just focus on price and easy-of-use, and particularly the product’s value suit their demand. 

Looking into the trends being followed in stores or online recently, we notice that most people are going for bagless vacuums because they don’t want to waste their time dealing with bags after using. It’s not easy to find a new bag that fits your vacuum version whether it is newly-launched or and older version. We look for a modern appliance which saves our time. If the machine makes us frustrated and can’t do our cleaning jobs faster, why would we invest in such a model? 

If you are used to using a vacuum cleaner to deal with mess, you need to be aware of the issues that come with cleaning. You will not understand the advantage of a bagless vacuum until if you see the effortless way you can clear its chamber. And before you know it you are in control of your vacuum cleaner again.

It can’t be denied that both vacuum cleaner models have their benefits and drawbacks. However, they make the chores successively easy and keep your living area clean. Now, just rely on your instincts. Are they excellent or not? It’s up to you to make a right choice as soon as you read about the Best Vacuum Cleaner On The Market . So, we hope you now have a better idea of which type of vacuum cleaner is better for your home.

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