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If you’ve been in the market looking for ways to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from mosquito bites, your search ends today. Bazoli Mosquito Trap may be the perfect solution to keep insects at bay. The zapper is made from premium components that attract then zaps annoying insects like mosquitoes, dead.

This product is a portable insect zapper that eliminates insects, offering bite-free safe protection against pesky bugs and insects. Bazoli Mosquito Trap doesn’t have harmful chemicals. This is perhaps its strongest selling point. It uses electricity and purple light to attract insects then kill them.

What is Bazoli Mosquito Killer Trap?

Bazoli Mosquito Trap is an insect-killing zapper that uses LED lights to attract and kill mosquitoes and other insects. It uses a rechargeable battery. This means this device is portable and can be carried anywhere. Bazoli Mosquito Trap is hangable, portable, and compact, making it a perfect companion for your camping or use at home.

While out there enjoying your picnic, you can leave it on the porch to kill insects. You can also hang it in your backyard to ensure your home is insect-free. To extend the coverage, you can purchase many units. The fact is we need to protect our family against ailments caused by mosquitoes such as encephalitis, malaria, Zika virus, and West Nile Virus. These ailments can kill.

The Bazoli Mosquito Trap is easy to clean. It doesn’t require any specialized cleaning. It is also easy to use because it doesn’t use any chemicals and it has no moving parts. Once you charge it, you’ll be good to go.

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How Does the Bazoli Mosquito Killer Trap Work?

Bazoli Mosquito Trap produces a purple LED light that attracts insects (mosquitoes) towards it. Once these insects get close enough, it zaps them to death. The device has an electric tube on the outside that zaps insects that get closer. It means no insect will reach the light because it will get zapped on the outside.

This is the insect zapper you must have been waiting for. It’s fast, effective, and safe to use. In fact, as mentioned on Globe Newswire, this product is an improvement from the previous model.

The electric tube is very powerful and the purple LED light can attract insects even from far. Once the insects get near the zapper, they’ll get drawn even closer by a fan inside the device. This means their chances of escape will be down to zero.

How to Use The Bazoli Mosquito Killer Trap?

The Bazoli Mosquito Trap comes with a micro USB cable that you can use to charge it. When charging the unit, its LED indicator turns red, and when it’s fully charged, the indicator turns green.

The device has a rotary switch at its top that you can use to turn it on. When you turn it on, a clicking sound will be produced and you’ll see the purple LED light. It’s best to place this zapper where you want to use it and let it stay there for two hours or more. This will ensure the area is insect-free the moment you turn the device off. You can use it in the house or outside if you like to relax outdoors at night. Since the insects won’t reach the source of the light, it means this device can serve you for a long time without getting damaged.

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How Does the Bazoli Mosquito Trap Kill Insects?

The Bazoli Mosquito Trap has an electric tube (coil) that gets electrified when the zapper is on. The coil is similar to those found in many handheld insect zappers. When an insect gets into contact with this coil, an electric current will flow into its body and kill it. You hear a popping sound every time an insect is killed by this device. The dead insect will fall around the zapper and can be swept away from time to time to keep the area clean.

If your device is in perfect working condition, a small circle of dad insects will form around its base. If an insect dies inside the zapper, you can shake or sweep it away, so it doesn’t interfere with the LED light.

You might be wondering why the insects and bugs fly towards the Bazoli Mosquito Trap. Well, the reason is, the purple light attracts them. The purple light is used in the visible spectrum, which enables insects to see it and get attracted to it. Some bug zapping devices use UV light to attract bugs, but this one uses purple light. Insects like to move towards the light.

Many studies have shown that insects use light to navigate, mainly relying on light points that are fixed. Before the invention of artificial light, bugs and insects relied on the moon and stars to navigate. Have you witnessed that whenever you turn the lights on, a swarm of insects will mill around it. This is because you shall have created an artificial star or moon that confuses insects and bugs.

As the insects try to search for their food or migrate, your artificial light will be interfering with the insects’ navigation systems. Insects normally deal with numerous artificial lights in a given neighborhood, but studies have shown that they mainly prefer UV or purple light. Insects have also been found to dislike yellow and red light. That explains why many people use yellow or red lights on their porches to keep insects away.

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Why Use the Bazoli Mosquito Killer Trap?

There are many reasons why you can decide to use a Bazoli Mosquito Trap. For starters, it’s not a good idea to have mosquitoes around. These insects are quite irritating.

Apart from being the vectors for the diseases that had been mentioned earlier, they can also damage your skin and cause you a lot of discomfort and pain. Because of all these problems, even WHO recommends that people should keep mosquitoes away. Not only mosquitoes but all other harmful insects.

There are many methods of eliminating mosquitoes, but killing them using the Bazoli Mosquito Trap is the best method. Why? Conventional sprays have chemicals that are harmful to human beings and the environment. Some of these chemicals can be dangerous for those with medical conditions like asthma or other respiratory issues.

The Bazoli Mosquito Trap eliminates these worries because it’s chemical-free. It only uses electrical energy to kill insects. Killing the insects is the greatest advantage of this zapper. When you use chemicals, some insects may fly away and escape. Meaning they will continue reproducing. On the other hand, dead insects can’t reproduce, meaning you’ll be eliminating the problem for good, or at least for a very long time. Because it is safe, you can use it in your bedroom and even in the presence of people with respiratory issues.

Who Benefits From the Bazoli Mosquito Killer Trap?

Anyone who is at risk of getting bitten by mosquitoes or any other insects can use the Bazoli Mosquito Trap. This device will help you a lot, especially if you are residing in tropical zones where there are many mosquitoes.

The device can be used by anyone, no matter their age. Nonetheless, the Bazoli Mosquito is not suitable for large structures such as restaurants, churches, hotels, etc. These areas will exceed their range. But if you must use it in these areas, then you’ll have to buy many units. This device is designed for small spaces, including backyards, bedrooms, front yards, or porches.

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Never Miss Your Summer Vacation Next Time

You might not know it, but mosquitoes are considered the most lethal insects in the world. No insect or animal can cause as much suffering and sickness as a mosquito does. Mosquitoes are a threat everywhere.

Fortunately, we now have the Bazoli Mosquito Trap that you can use whenever you want to keep mosquitoes at bay. So next time, don’t miss your summer vacation for fear of mosquitoes. This device is commonly referred to as the summer saver. With this device, your summer will be mosquito-free. You can also use it during dinner parties or any other family/friends’ gathering.

Buying the Bazoli Mosquito Killer Trap

When you want to buy the Bazoli Mosquito Trap, visit Bazoli official website. Going through third parties is very risky because you can end up buying a counterfeit.

The original Bazoli Mosquito Trap costs $39.99 per unit, but if you buy more units, you can enjoy huge savings. Two zappers cost $79.98, three zappers cost $89.98, while four zappers cost $109.97. The prices mentioned here do not include shipping costs.

The company offers refunds only for products that have not been used. If you’ve not opened or used the product, you can return it within 30 days of purchase, and you’ll get a refund minus the shipping cost.


Bazoli Mosquito Trap is a top insect killer in the market today. It’s effective, easy to use, compact, and above all, quite affordable. This product reigns supreme because it’s environmentally friendly. It’s 100% safe because it doesn’t use any chemicals but relies fully on electric power.

You can use this device anywhere in your home, even if there’s someone having respiratory problems around. Bazoli Mosquito Trap is cheap to operate because it is chargeable.

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