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Granite Male Enhancement Pills – Is this product right for you? Should you buy these pills or not? Is “Granite Male Enhancement Pills a scam“? Let’s find it!

A poor sexual problem is the issue of most of the men’s these days, and one of the major concerns into 30’s-50 male. All this happens mainly due to aging, but we also increase this problem. Because this time most people follow a poor lifestyle and also happens due to genes.

Due to these things the male hormone affected negatively (Testosterone Level), and men face sexual health disorders.

The sexual health issue includes low stamina, lack of energy, and poor erection level. But this time a lot of male enhancement available in the market that may help males to get back their energy and stamina. You can find N number of male enhancement supplements in the market, but 90% of them are fake. One of them is Granite Male Enhancement trending in many countries the UK, the USA, India, Canada even in Australia.

But we found many things which tell some shocking things about Granite Male Enhancement, so stay tuned with this Review to know…

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Granite Male Enhancement Pills

Introduction – Granite Male Enhancement Pills (Granite x700)

Male Enhancement Supplements are floating in the market. A large number of men are not able to perform well, and facing a lack of confidence when it comes to bedroom performance, and this is why they are looking for the best male enhancement supplement.

Millions of men are suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction, poor energy, low libido, and others. And this made a huge opportunity in the market for companies. Companies found that it is a good market to make money. One of them is the Granite Male Enhancement Supplement.
This company has made a lot of money from the peoples, by making hype in the market and this happens because the company behind this product made huge claims like As seen on the type of lines are used on its un-trusted so-called official website.

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Who is behind Granite Male Enhancement Pills?

Finding the seller or manufacture of this male enhancement product is so hard because there is no enough information about them. The Granite Male Enhancement Seller is limited to online only. Because nobody truly knows which part of the world they are working from. Even you can able to find the official website of the product because many website domain names are used to make the landing page, where you can find so many high claims and fake stuff.

We found that the Granite Male Enhancement so-called official website is just a copy of the scam products. We found the same theme same information, even the same reviews on KSX Pills which is also a scam product.

How does it help? (Claims)

Here we have listed the claims made by this product.

Renewed Sex Drive & Libido
Bigger & Firmer Erections
Longer Staying Power
Increased Penis Size

What are the ingredients claimed by Granite Male Enhancement Pills?

Well, the products claim to be safe and 100% natural ingredients. But the problem is that you can not confirm the ingredients which are present on the seller website are really used or not. Because that is the part of the scam product theme. We found these following ingredients on the Granite Male Enhancement official website;


But we found that there are many such types of product labels contains different ingredients. So that makes it very suspicious for the user.

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What are the side effects?

GRANITE Male who is the made this claim that this is 100% safe to use the product, even this is not approved by any legal bodies like FDA or any other.

Granite Male Enhancement side effects are hard to find because all the available website on Google are promoting, this because of promotor is getting a very huge commission. Even I found that the promotor can get $95-$110 per sale.

All the reviews are paid, and fake, even the official website is showing a few testimonials that how their product change their life. But they all are fake, and just used to attract people to buy their shit product. You can find a few reviews on Amazon, and most of them are negative. I found 23 reviews, and out of these 23 Granite Male Enhancement Amazon customer reviews, 20 are negative.
What is the Price of Granite Male Enhancement?

This is made by an unknown company even you can not find their official website. But if you talk about price then you will be shocked. The price of Granite Male Enhancement is so high, each bottle will cost you $62.50.

Not only this, but there is also another problem is that you can not buy a single product. This is because the company is made to make money only.



Doesn’t treat any basic disease
The claims made by Granite X700 Male are looks cooked
Expected side effects
Not available in stores
No information about the seller
Price of the product is so high
Created hype in the market to increase the sale
There is no information about clinical research and tests.


Should you buy Granite Male Enhancement Pills?

No, we do not recommend to anyone for this kind of scam products.
Is there any Granite Male Enhancement Free Trial?

Well, there is no free trial available, but sometimes you can see a pop up of free trial which is a trap to take your card detail and then charge you its high price.

Was Granite male enhancement pills on Dr OZ show?

This is also a promotional rumor spread by the company to increase the sale of their product. It was never shown on the Dr OZ show. And if you found any page which is showing Dr OZ show snaps then, you must leave that page that is a fishing type website.
Granite Male Enhancement Customer Service Phone Number or Customer care information?

Well, it is hard or impossible to contact the customer care support, because there is no navigation for the Contact US page. So, you can not contact them, so it becomes so hard to connect with them. We just found Return Address: GRANITE 3960 Howard Parkway STE. 500 Las Vegas, NV. 89169.

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Where to purchase?

If you are pondering where you can get this item; well we do not recommend this scam product to anyone. It is not accessible in stores, but you can make your purchase only from its so-called official website.

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Granite Male Enhancement Pills: Conclusion

Yes, Granite Male Enhancement Pills is a Scam Product. From all the information that we have found in this Review says that this is a scam product. To start with, this male enhancement product has not been gotten through any essential clinical tests. Second, even less information about the seller, fake reviews, and fishing lading page used to make its landing page. Price is so high, and make many fake claims like As seen on theDoctors, CNBC, CNN, USA, and Men’shealth. Also, the present testimonials on the official website are fake. So, from all these things we can conclude that Granite Male Enhancement is a scam. Stay away from this kind of product.

Is there any good alternative available?

Yes, there are many good alternatives are available, first, you can contact a specialist for it. But if you want to know about a natural male enhancement product then you need to do good research before your purchase. We have one which is legit offer name is Cilexin made by VitaBalance Inc.

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