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Hip Dysplasia is a condition that is normally passed on from one generation to the next. It is not possible to diagnose the condition in your husky at birth but you will notice symptoms at around the 1 – 2 years of age. Hip Dysplasia does not affect male or female huskies in any disproportionate numbers. Hip Dysplasia can be relatively minor in some cases and also majorly debilitating in other cases. Not only is the problem very On a positive note, hip dysplasia is only a very rare husky health problem with huskies. With improvements in testing and detection, hip dysplasia is being ‘bred out’ of husky lines and there are not less cases of hip dysplasia in huskies. It is still a good idea to get some assurance from the breeder you are purchasing from that your husky puppy does not have hip dysplasia in either line.

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Husky health problems are more likely to be related to the eyes. Cataracts are the most common eye condition that affects huskies. Even though this is quite a common condition with huskies the good news is that cataracts in most cases will not cause your husky to go blind. It is a good idea to get your veterinarian to check your huskies eyes annually just in case they have a more severe form of cataracts that can cause blindness. Another health problem is corneal dystrophy of the eye. This husky health condition will normally not show up until your husky is at least 3 years of age. Once again get your veterinarian to pay particular attention to your huskies eyes during each annual check-up.

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Even though husky health issues are relatively uncommon, you still need to be vigilant with your huskies health. Being aware of potential health problems is the first step and you are now more informed than you were. Doing thorough investigation into the lines of your husky before purchasing is also necessary. Once you have purchase your husky puppy, you should find a veterinarian that has experience in diagnosing and treating husky health problems. Putting earth candles or green candles in your home have a flow of healing power that keeps you physically fit and takes you to the state of emotional relaxation.

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A healthy body is the home for all happiness. If you are healthy you will have energy for working, you will have desire of working and you will be happy inside. “Health is wealth” as the saying goes is very true. Your surroundings affect your health and the like very much. The Chinese art of Feng shui has several measures to improve one’s health with a few changes in surroundings. This art diverts the positive energy from surroundings to you and fills you with vigor and enthusiasm.

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