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Fildena could be a reliable generic medication that helps combat one of the most disturbing maladies known to mankind – erectile dysfunction. Fildena, which comes from the name of the town named Fildena in the province of Columbia in United States is a proprietary herbal remedy used for impotence or erectile dysfunctions. This herbal remedy is easily available in different strengths, like 25mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, and higher doses. The most popular brand that can be bought over-the-counter in the market is Fildena, which is manufactured by J.C. Packaging. Fildena could also be purchased via online prescription from a trusted and authorized website in United States.
The main ingredients found in Fildena include Epimedium Leaf extract, Gymnema Nut, Yohimbe Bark extract, L-Arginine, Epimedium leaf extract, and Gymnema Nudum Extract. Some of the common side effects of Fildena include low blood pressure and heart related problems. Side effects of this herbal remedy may include sweating, muscle pain, nervousness, nervous twitching, restlessness, upset stomach, bowel complaints, cramping and diarrhea, fever, dizziness, headache, back pain, and nervousness.
According to some experts, Fildena 100 works by increasing the amount of active ingredient inside the blood stream of a human male. Increased blood flow is beneficial for a man’s overall health condition because it minimizes painful erection problems. The herbal compound can also work as an aphrodisiac and increase sexual performance in men. The increased blood flow will also help a man achieve powerful erection without experiencing painful sensations. Fildena may not work instantly but it is proven safe and effective by many people who tried it.

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