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Supreme keto  rebranded into Supreme keto. It’s the original formula, all we’ve done is change the name and the packaging,” explained Samantha. The sisters launched the product for sale through their company website and say they sold out within 5 minutes. “We even made sure we had more product than we thought we could sell, but all of it sold out within five minutes!” exclaimed Samantha. While the Shark Tank investors are toasting to their smart business move, women around are flocking online to purchase Supreme keto and say the results have been life-changing. Clinical trials have uncovered that women who use Supreme keto were able to drastically reduce fat, and with continued use, prevented weight gain from reoccurring. “Supreme keto is revolutionizing weight loss medicine,” explained Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank. How does it work? Ketosis is a natural process the body initiates to help us survive when food intake is low. During this state, your body is actually burning fat for energy instead of carbs. Ketosis is typically extremely hard to obtain on your own and takes weeks to accomplish. BHB (Beta-hydroxybutyrate) is the first substrate that kicks the metabolic state of ketosis into action.

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