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Curry and turmeric may have a wide appeal in the US market as it offers a versatile, multi-ethnic flavor profile, appearing not only in Indian cuisine, but also Thai, Chinese, and other cuisines. According to Mintel GNPD, new food products with curry or turmeric were launched in the U.S. in the last months, with percent of them in the form of prepared meals, such as Wegman’s Thai Style-Green Curry Shrimp, or seasonings, such as Masa’s Gourmet Curry Coconut Sauce. Watkins and Target, under the Archer Farms label, launched the most products containing turmeric or a curry flavoring.

One of the more novel products introduced in May 2007 was the Vosges Haut-Chocolat ice cream flavor of Naga, which consists of sweet Indian curry and fresh young coconut. To give consumers what they want, the food industry continues to innovate with new functional ingredients. However, the industry is coupling product innovation with scientific evidence and market ingenuity to make old nutritional mainstays, such as vegetables, “fresh” in the eyes of the consumer. serving as a catalyst for new thinking and creative approaches to business problems or identifying strategic growth opportunities.

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Nerac Inc. is a global research and advisory firm for companies developing innovative products and technologies. Nerac Analysts deliver custom assessments of product and technology development opportunities, competitor intelligence, intellectual property strategies, and compliance requirements through a proven blended approach to custom analysis: review of technical knowledge, investigation of intellectual property, and appraisal of business impacts. Nerac deploys analysts in diverse disciplines to help clients discover new applications.

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