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Nyai Glow Skincare-As we trade cold winter days for warmer weather, it’s time to start thinking about adjusting more than your wardrobe. Your skin care routine needs to adjust as well. Make a few changes and give your skin a glow to match the change in seasons. After all, your skin is one of your most important accessories.

So how should you change up your skin care routine? Here are spring skin care tips from Nyai Glow Skincare to help you transition into spring and summer.

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Clean skin is important all year long. But for warmer months, you want to choose a cleanser that will rid your skin of the buildup of pollutants, dirt and debris without drying it. A mild cleanser that removes dirt and oils, without stripping your skin of moisture is ideal. Cleansing milk is the recommended choice. The Nyai Glow Skincare formula is designed to cleanse, smooth and moisturize. It’s also gentle enough to use twice daily if needed.

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After cleansing your face, get rid of the dead skin cells that may have built up during winter. This layer of dead skin can lead to dry patches and flakes. Exfoliating is the best way to renew your skin and get a spring glow. Ingredients like beta hydroxy acids will get the job done as you exfoliate once or twice a week.

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Use a moisturizer that will help you bounce back from those harsh winter months. A lighter moisturizer for spring and summer should boost the elasticity of your skin and seal in rich nutrients and minerals. With a moisturizer like Nyai Glow Skincare, you’ll also get a diamond complex for protection from the signs of aging. Hydration and protection should be your mantra for healthy skin!


Protect with SPF

Sunscreen is a must-have that now becomes especially critical. Choose a sunscreen that’s formulated for your skin with a high SPF. Creams with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide will also help you avoid breakouts.


Ready to make the season fabulous? Use these tips and you’ll welcome summer with a beautiful glow.

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