Contest details

This month in collaboration with Seed Stockers we are giving away 10 fantastic prizes to 10 lucky winners!

Prize Pool:

1. BCN Critical XXL (5 Feminised Seeds)
2. Candy Dawg (5 Autoflowering Seeds)
3. Big Bud (3 Autoflowering Seeds)
4. White Widow (3 Feminised Seeds)
5. Thin Mint Crack (3 Autoflowering Seeds)
6. Amnesia (3 Feminised Seeds)
7. Candy Dawg (3 Autoflowering Seeds)
8. Amnesia (3 Autoflowering Seeds)
9. BCN Critical XXL (3 Feminised Seeds)
10. BCN Critical XXL (3 Feminised Seeds)

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Winner: 10


Entry Frequency: one-time

Facebook required: no

Twitter required: no