Sweepstakes Fanatics is a sweepstakes directory that brings exclusive contests to its users. Submitting your giveaway is free and easy. Simply scroll to the bottom of their homepage, choose “Suggest A Sweep” at the bottom right, and enter the information about your contest.

With its simple and visually pleasing layout, Sweepstakes Fanatics stands out among other directories. When users visit the site, they aren’t bombarded with ads and busy-ness. They’re greeted with a clean list of current sweepstakes, each with an image to help it stand out. When you submit your giveaway for free, it will be featured on the homepage for prospective entrants to easily find. And to better help users find the giveaways they’re interested in, Sweepstakes Fanatics has a lot of categories that your giveaways could fit into.

Giveaway Categories on Sweepstakes Fanatics Include:
Car Cash Clothing
Computer Cruise Disney
Electronics Food Home & Garden
Special Event Vacation Video Games

Sweepstakes Fanatics displays newly added sweepstakes in a scroll format right at the top of their homepage. That way, users who check back with their directory frequently are sure not to miss your giveaway once it’s made live:

As we’ve mentioned, submitting your sweep is so easy, you’ll only need about 2 minutes to complete the process. Once you go to “Suggest a Sweepstakes,” you’ll enter the name and end date of your giveaway, eligibility rules, the URLs of the entry page and the rules, the category it belongs in, prizes offered and an optional image to make your listing stand out. Hit the “Submit” button and your post will be on its way toward approval.

At this moment in time, there are no paid options on Sweepstakes Fanatics. It seems like all sweepstakes and giveaways are given then same amount of love (as they’re all posted on the homepage and on the “new sweepstakes” section on the sidebar). However, when your sweep becomes very popular, it could be featured on their “popular on sweepstakesfanatics” tab on the side bar until it expires.

If you’re looking for a simple, no-fuss directory to add your sweepstakes to, you’ve found it in Sweepstakes Fanatics.

Sweepstakes Fanatics Features at a Glance
Free listings available
Featured listings available (paid)
Registration required
Reciprocal link required
Add an image to listing
Categorization of listings
Listings are verified & manually approved by directory
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