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TVolve Supplement Reviews: Is TVolve GT5 Muscle Complex Scam or Legit?

Product Name        TVolve GT5 Muscle Complex

Main Benefits        It promotes healthy and quick muscle-building

Ingredients        Tribulus Terrestris Extract, Chrysin, Diindolylmethane, and many more

Item Form        Capsules

Unit Count        60 Capsules

Dosage        2 capsules per day

Results        2-3 months

Age Range        Adults

Side effects        No Side effects Reported

Price        $79.99

Money back        30 days money back

Official Website        Click Here

Men feel disappointed when they work hard in the gym without seeing any muscle gain. Attaining optimal muscle mass is not an easy job. The best way to increase your muscle mass is by maintaining a workout routine, eating a well-balanced diet, and introducing an effective supplement into your workout regimen.

Supplements work to recover some of the shortfalls experienced by the body by providing vital nutrients such as amino acids, testosterone, minerals, and vitamins. Currently, several supplements claim to help men increase their muscle mass within a short period. However, it is essential to note that not all muscle supplements in the market are safe for use. Checking the ingredients and determining if they are safe to use can help avoid future adverse effects.

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What is TVolve GT5 Muscle Complex?

TVolve GT5 Muscle Complex is a natural formula that focuses on enhancing healthy muscle growth. According to the official website, the supplement assists the cells within the muscles to pump harder, leading to significant muscle gains naturally. In addition, the formula may work to replenish worn-out and damaged muscles. It helps its users to acquire the desired body physique within a short period and may protect muscles against damage.


TVolve GT5 Muscle Complex improves blood circulation throughout the entire body to ensure nourishment of muscle cells and promotes rapid muscle gain without any adverse effects. It increases energy levels allowing you to exercise vigorously.

The Working Mechanism of TVolve GT5 Muscle Complex

The formula works by increasing the ability of men to pump up their muscle mass. It boosts energy levels while maintaining high endurance levels during training. The ingredients in the formula nourish worn-out muscle cells and provide essential nutrients and oxygen to help muscle recovery and sex drive. It reduces fatigue levels allowing you to perform vigorously at the gym and pump up muscles faster.

Ingredients contained in TVolve GT5 Muscle Complex

The official website has not listed the ingredients used in creating the formula. However, different expert reviews established that the formula contains scientifically tested ingredients that promote testosterone production in the body.

Ingredients contained in the supplement include:


Maca plant is a dominant crop found mainly in South America. The root of the plant is dried and crushed to powder. Scientists refer to it as Lepidium Meyenii. Some of the benefits associated with the ingredient include:

➣    Increases testosterone levels in men

➣    Improves overall mood levels

➣    Increases energy levels and performance

➣    Enhances brain capabilities


L-Arginine is an essential amino acid required by the body to perform different functions. The body naturally produces L-Arginine, but people can acquire it from other foods or through supplementation. L-Arginine is known for increasing the production of nitric oxide to help in several body processes.

Some of the scientifically proven benefits include:

➣    Increased athletic performance

➣    It helps regulate blood pressure

➣    It maintains blood sugar levels

➣    It prevents erectile dysfunction

➣    It improves blood circulation in the entire body

    Nettle Leaf

Nettle, also referred to as stinging nettle, is a shrub that originates from Asia and parts of Europe. The plant is characterized by heart-shaped leaves with yellow or pink flowers. The leaves and roots of the plant can be crushed to form a powder and used in making teas or supplements.

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Some of the main benefits of nettle leaf include:

➣    Improves urinary tract health

➣    Minimizes symptoms of arthritis

➣    It helps control blood sugar levels


L-citrulline is an essential amino acid produced by the body. People can obtain it from fruits such as watermelon. The body converts the amino acid to produce nitric oxide and L-Arginine in the blood. Some of the benefits include:

➣    It improves blood pressure

➣    It helps unclog blood vessels to improve circulation

➣    It enhances endurance levels while training

➣    Improves sexual performance

  Other main ingredients found in TVolve GT5 Muscle Complex include:

➣    Calcium

➣    Wild yam root

➣    Tongkat Ali

Benefits of Taking TVolve GT5 Muscle Complex

Some of the main benefits associated with the formula in TVolve GT5 Muscle include:

➣    Increase in muscle mass

➣    Improved sexual drive and stamina

➣    Improved energy levels

➣    It boosts the natural production of testosterone

➣    It helps achieve desired body weight and physique

How to Use TVolve GT5 Muscle Complex?

The formula comes in capsule form that is taken orally. The recommended dosage is to take two capsules with a glass of water twenty to thirty minutes before workout. Using the supplement does not require any medical prescription. However, it is essential to consult your doctor if you have any underlying medical condition before purchasing the formula.

Does it have any Side Effects?

There are no reported cases of any side effects concerning the use of the TVolve GT5 supplement. The formula contains natural ingredients that do not interfere with the body’s normal function hence no adverse side effects. However, taking large doses of the supplement may cause harmful side effects.

Where to Purchase TVolve GT5 Muscle Complex?

You can order the supplement from the official website. The formula is not available in any physical store or online retail websites. Once you place an order and pay, you receive a free 30-day nutrition guide and 60-day workout log. It also comes with free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

To avoid counterfeit products and purchase the original formula, be sure to order from the official website. When ordering from the official website, you will also receive an additional discount when purchasing more than one bottle. The price breakdown is as follow:

➣    Buy One Get One Bottle Free $74.98 Each / Free Shipping

➣    Buy Two Get One Bottle Free $66.65 Each / Free Shipping

➣    Buy Three Get Two Bottles Free $49.95 Each / Free Shipping

According to the official website, customers can also receive a free monthly e-book by checking the box under the payment information on the checkout portion of the website. The product will be shipped the day after you place your order; however, orders placed Saturday-Sunday will be shipped the following Monday.

Contact Information

For all questions or refund information, contact the company Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm EST Saturday: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm EST the company is closed on Sundays by sending an email or call:

➣    Phone: 1-833-865-6700

➣    Email:

➣    Return Address: T-Volve Reichsgasse 61 7000 Chur, Switzerland

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Final Verdict on TVolve GT5 Muscle Complex

An unhealthy lifestyle reduces the levels of testosterone in men. In recent years, it has been evident that testosterone levels in men are declining due to lifestyle choices and age. However, TVolve GT5 Muscle Complex works to boost testosterone levels and boosts your energy levels. In addition, it helps increase muscle mass and enhance sexual stamina. Order your bottle today and enjoy the full benefits of TVolve GT5 Muscle Complex.

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