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VigorNow Canada is a male performance dietary supplement that includes powerful ingredients all aimed towards enhancing your sex life. They claim an enhanced sex drive and libido, increased penis length and girth, more prominent and harder erections, longer sexual persistence, and improved sensitivity of orgasms.

VigorNow Canada: How true are these claims? Can a dietary supplement truly achieve all this? As it turns out, that’s not entirely true. You cannot expect to see all these results under all circumstances. Also, results differ marginally from person to person.

VigorNow Canada: However, in the long run, and when averaged out, you can expect to see remarkable gains that you never imagined. How does it work? Will you benefit? How long until measurable (literally) results? That’s what we talk about in this review, so read end to end.

At its core, VigorNow is a dietary supplement geared towards enhancing your sex drive and making you last longer in bed. It also allows you to achieve more sensitive orgasms. The only claim that doesn’t work out for everyone is the increase in penis length and girth.

Bigger and harder erections are achievable pretty swiftly.

What is VigorNow?

Generally speaking, VigorNow works by building up high levels of testosterone. As you might know, testosterone is the primary male hormone that regulates and controls several physiological functions, such as growth and voice depth. Most importantly, however, it’s known as the driving factor for one’s sexual drive.

Improving testosterone levels to a balanced limit is always good for your health in general and not just for your sexual life. Additionally, testosterone can boost many related factors, such as erections and longevity in the bed.

Rather than just boosting testosterone mindlessly, the supplement tries to balance good health and a good sex drive by using a combination of ingredients.

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How does it work?

Let’s talk about each of the claims and how VigorNow works.

Enhanced sex drive and libido: The sex drive is increased thanks to higher testosterone levels purely.

Increased penis length and girth: This is subjective. In many cases, you won’t feel any prominent increase in penis length or girth. It’s not something that can truly increase your penis size. It supplies more blood and for longer to the penis, which automatically enlarges it during intercourse.

Bigger and harder erections: This is somewhat related to the previous point. VigorNow Canada achieves bigger and longer erections because it allows the body to pump more blood to the penis.

Longer sexual staying power: This is indirectly a consequence of a better sex drive and libido. Note that the quality and quantity of sex are both different things. It’s perfectly natural to achieve a better sex drive with VigorNow but only for a short time.

Improved orgasm sensitivity: This is also done by an increased blood flow as the more sensitive your skin becomes, the higher quality the orgasm will be under most circumstances.

VigorNow Ingredients

VigorNow is an all-natural dietary supplement. It’s not medication. It is made up of components that your body produces naturally, just with ever-declining levels.

VigorNow happens to be just the right mix of components that are otherwise easy to acquire separately.

The list of ingredients in VigorNow includes:

Boron: Boron is responsible for converting DHEA to testosterone, thus improving the libido in men. Even 6 mg of boron a day can improve testosterone levels in men to excellent grades.

Saw palmetto berry: Although mainly used to enhance hair growth, treat enlarged prostates, and improve essential urinary function, saw palmetto’s berries indirectly affect one’s sex drive when married with the right mix of supportive agents.

Orchid extract: Made from cattle testicles, the orchid extract has been used historically by men to maintain a healthier testicular function from all angles, including sex drive and endurance in bed.

Tongkat Ali: An herbal medicine derived from the Asian Eurycoma longifolia shrub, Tongkat Ali contains ingredients that improve muscle mass and boost athletic performance – both great perks to packing while in bed.

Bioperine: Bioperine is an enhancer of the bioavailability of other nutrients. It’s a patented extract from black pepper and long pepper that boosts the absorption of nutrients and chemicals into the body, including the other ingredients in VigorNow.

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Who is VigorNow for?

Are you struggling in bed? Impossible to maintain longer erections? All your energy and drive is spent within minutes, if not seconds? Or worse yet, do you struggle with the inability to have solid or frequent erections so much that the thought of intercourse rarely crosses your mind?

Then you are the ideal candidate for a hearty consumption of the VigorNow capsules.

It’s recommended to take them long-term, but you can also pop a capsule before a date, for example, to deliver better performance and be more confident around women – if that’s your problem instead.

In conclusion

Bio Jolt manufactures VigorNow Canada. This isn’t a company you will find information on easily, but their product has been working miracles for so many people from all over the US.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s just like any humble dietary supplement at first glance. It strengthens your sexual life in multiple ways, leading you to have a much better time as well as much more profound satisfaction for your partner.

Male enhancement pills have been marred with controversy over misinformation, safety, or performance. That’s not the case with VigorNow.

Going strong for a long while now (pun intended), VigorNow has provided men with much better sex drivers, longer times in bed, higher testosterone levels, better orgasms, and much more. Most importantly, it’s been providing a better life and satisfaction to countless couples.

You will only find happy customers when you dig deeper into the testimonials for VigorNow. You cannot go wrong with these pills!

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