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What are YouTube Premium (formerly known as YouTube Red) and YouTube TV, are they worth your money? It really depends on whether you wish to ditch ad-supported ads, cut the cord by removing pay per view and subscription fees, or both. These days, there’s a ton of Internet marketers who are trying to capitalize on the YouTube frenzy, and offering (often) inferior services for the same prices as the more established marketers. The question is, are these people out to scam you, or are they simply offering services that are of adequate quality to make the same money as you would get from a more established marketer?

If you’re interested in getting rid of the ads on your website, then the most obvious choice would be to try YouTube Premium. If you’re not familiar with what YouTube Premium is all about, it’s a paid service that gives you access to YouTube’s premium viewing area and the ability to stream video content from YouTube directly to mobile devices (though this feature will not work if you’re using mobile web). Essentially, this means that instead of having your website rely on ads placed by other companies, you can take advantage of YouTube’s unique design to place your own ads and stream content from their tube. The primary drawback to this approach is that it does cost money — in that you have to pay to use the premium subscription service and you’ll find that the quality of the ads that you see on YouTube is much lower than the ones you’ll see elsewhere. In addition, the quality of the videos you watch on YouTube is much lower as well — although this may actually be preferable if you have a high definition television and don’t need high quality graphics for your streaming service.

The other option that you have when it comes to watching YouTube videos on your mobile device and not relying on the YouTube premium subscription is to download an app from the Android Market or the Apple App Store. These apps are designed to be mobile apps (not web-based) and so can easily function as a substitute for the YouTube application. They are easy to install and use, but they won’t give you access to all of YouTube’s features, including the premium video options. Still, they are very easy to use and provide a good alternative if you are watching a lot of YouTube and don’t want to pay the fee.

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