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WhatsMyRank is a WP Plugin that allows you to track hundreds on keywords per site across 80+ Google Domains & Regions. This is an essential WordPress Plugin to track your keywords ranking daily for free traffic. You can install the plugin on your own WordPress site via the admin dashboard and track WP and non WP sites too.

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Tracking Your Website Ranking for 100s of Keywords across Google is the most common problem you face every day. You have to do a lot of work if you do it manually, and it can take you hours every single day. Or you can buy software that are expensive and charges you monthly fees to track your rankings for you. However with this kind of software, if you stop paying you lose all the data. What if you could Track all your Google rankings automatically from within your website itself and never have to pay monthly fees or yearly fees, never have to do any tracking manually.

This is exactly what Ankur Shukla has created for you. Finally you can forget about manually checking your rankings. This WP plugin does all the hard work for you. It tracks all your Google site rankings automatically for you and shows you exactly for which keyword you are ranking where in Google. Whether you dabble in Adsense or Amazon or Ecommerce, you know that your Google rankings are extremely important. I’ve built a lot of adsense and amazon sites myself and one thing I need to do is checking rankings daily. But many online tools or even Google searches never really show you the correct rankings, and you can’t really automate all. WhatsMyRank is simply the best way to track all your Google site rankings automatically

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[+] 100% Automatic Once you set it up, add your site and keywords, it works fully automatically, no manual work.

[+] Tracks 100s of Keywords Track 100s of keywords for every website you install it on, tracks everything perfectly.

[+] Instant 1-Click Update If you want to quickly update your ranking for a new site, press one button for a quick 1-click update.

[+] Track Multiple Sites Track multiple sites from a single installation, track all your sites from one location.

[+] Track Your Competitors Now you can track not only your own sites but your competitor sites too and keep an eye on their rankings.

[+] Dashboard Shows Top 3 & Top Page Rankings You can see your top 3 rankings, page 1 rankings, page 2 rankings and page 3 rankings for your entire site. Never have to dig through pages and pages of results ever again.

[+] Track Sites on 80+ Google Domains & Regions Whether you want to track rankings on or or or any of the 100s of Google sites and Domains or Regions, you can do that with WhatsMyRank because it does it for you.

[+] Graph with Historical Data Now you can see a beautiful graph with historical data that shows you the ranking growth over the last 30 days and how it has improved.

[+] Get Ranking Alerts & Notifications Instantly get notified via email when one of your keywords hits Page 1 of Google and also get daily ranking reports of all your sites and keywords via email.

[+] Works With No WP too WhatsMyRank also track websites that are not built on WordPress.

[+] Simple, Transparent Pricing Select the option you want based on your use and requirements and choose between one website, unlimited sites.

[+] Track All Your Client Sites When you get the Agency license you can track all your client rankings for them and sell this as a service. You have the chance to get a business opportunity with a small upgrade.

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Step1: Install The Plugin Follow instructions to install the WhatsMyRank plugin and start see what your ranking is.
Step2: Customize Enter the domain of the site you want to check. Enter your keywords. One keyword for every line. Choose which Google Domain you want to track. All the keywords have been added.
Step3: See your ranking See your latest rankings. Click on manual update if you need to refresh data. The plugin will work for you automatically. Every 24 hours you will see the latest updated ranking.

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