Contest details

* There can only be one winner!
* If you win once, you cannot win again
* If you do not win, keep entering future giveaways!
* You may choose from the four houses I have on my home showcase plot.
* I will only build the home unfurnished. I will walk you through which rooms are which.. Such as kitchen, bathroom, etc.
* This house will be paid for by me, so don’t ask for me to donate to you as I feel it is very nice of me to be making this house for you for FREE.
* I will be recording every house I build so if you try to scam me, I will expose you on my channel.. Scamming meaning, I give you the money for my budget and you just leave the game.
* I DON’T DO DRAMA!! If there is any drama, your house and my donation will be denied without question!
* I BUILD ALONE! Do NOT try to help me! You may watch.
* If you win, I will friend you ONLY until the house is done.. DON’T BEG ME to stay friends!

Winner: 1



Entry Frequency: one-time

Company: Mamabear2494

Facebook required: no

Twitter required: no