Adding your PromoSimple giveaway to your Facebook page requires adding a static iFrame application to create a new tab on your Facebook page and pasting in your JavaScript code from PromoSimple. You’ll have your promotion added to Facebook in a matter of minutes.

Add a new Tab to your Facebook page
Choose a static HTML application from the many that are available on Facebook; Static HTML: iframe tabs is recommended, as it is easy to setup and works quite well. Go to Facebook and search for Static HTML: iframe tabs or use this link. Click on the ‘Add Static HTML to a Facebook page’ button.

From the drop down list on the next page choose the Facebook page that you would like to add the static HTML iFrame to (this may not appear if you have only one Facebook page).
On the following page click ‘Add Static HTML: iframes tab’ button to approve the application and allow it to be added to your page.

Check out your new Facebook page tab
Once the application is installed go to your Facebook page. On the left side navigation there should be a new tab named ‘Welcome’. Click to go to this tab. There should be two text input areas; the first is labeled ‘Enter your Content here’.

Add your code to your Facebook page
From your PromoSimple campaign, go to the Publish tab. Copy the JavaScript code to your clipboard and return to your Facebook page. Paste this code into the ‘Enter your content here’ text input area and click on the button above labeled ‘Save Changes’. That’s it. Your promotion should now be live on your Facebook page for users to access and enter.

Tips for adding your giveaway to Facebook

Remove the tab from your Facebook page
To remove the tab from your Facebook page all you need to do is hover over the tab in the left navigation and click on the ‘X’ that appears next to it.

Add a Facebook disclaimer to your Terms & Conditions
Facebook requires that all promotions being run on Facebook pages include a disclaimer that acknowledges that the promotion is not endorsed by Facebook. You can add this within the Terms & Conditions of your promotion on the Customize tab within the PromoSimple campaign builder or you can add this text underneath the JavaScript that you’ve entered into the text input area of your new static iFrame tab. For more information read the Facebook Promotions Guidelines carefully.