Another new feature that we’ve released for PromoSimple accounts: you will receive an email each time one of your giveaways ends so that you are reminded to log in and choose your winner(s). You’ll never again have that ‘oh no!’ moment realizing your giveaway ended last week and forgot to choose winners.

Example of email notification for an expired giveway:
Your giveaway has ended - email notification

Once your giveaway has ended you can log into your account select your random giveaway and sweepstakes winners with a single click, utilizing to ensure the winner is chosen fairly. For contests you can search by email address to find the winning entry and manually select that entry as the winner.

Once your winner(s) has been chosen you the option of publishing a custom message to your expired entry form to congratulate the winner(s). While this is not required, it can also be used as a great tool for marketing and promoting your other giveaways, offers and content that users may be interested in.